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The bizarre appearance of a small white temple in Narford, Norfolk

Your Name: Geoff

My Story: A few year ago a friend of mine asked me if it was possible for me to collect a female relative of his from Swaffham market square. It was arranged and and I decided to travel along the country lanes to Swaffham as to taking the busier roads. Anyway, I have for many years been interested in archaeology and this journey took me pass an old roman settlement at Narford, Norfolk. Every time I visit this place I can imagine, on a small field opposite the bridge over the river, a small white temple where obviously people would frequent. I drove pass the area and after a few miles arrived in Swaffham.
I didn’t have to wait very to collect my passenger and met her as arranged. The point and interesting aspect of my story concerned the drive home. I went home again through the back roads chatting now and again to my passenger. We approached the bridge at Narford when I turned to look at her and she seemed puzzled and looked very pale. I asked her what the problem was and to my complete astonishment she came out with this: “Your not going to believe this but on that small field back there (pointing) she said she saw this lovely small white building like a small temple or folly. Then suddenly it vanished. You have to believe me on this but we had not talked about anything whatsoever to do with things ancient, just simple chit chat but why she should say this, which obviously freaked me for a considerable time, is even today baffling. I have no explanation, no sensible reasoning for any of it. Just one of those bizarre things that happens I guess.

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  1. Can we have more info please, in general terms. Date, Location, time of day etc…..

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