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Why did i wake up with a sore shoulder and strange gouges in my skin?

Your Name: Julie E.

My Story: I should preface what I have to say with I have a lot of paranormal in my life. Much of it is documented. Some say a door has been opened. With that said…

I flew down to see my daughter in CA. She is in her early 20’s and a night owl. I went to bed early and awoke the next day with a dream that I was holding up my hand, while lying in bed, saying to someone that I couldn’t see, “I can’t help you”. I thought about the dream for some time before getting up. When I did my shoulder was very sore.

Then later that day we were at Disneyland. I look down at my left arm and I have a gouge of what appears to be that of a finger/thumb nail. It was much rounder than my nails and in a position I couldn’t have made it. Then I looked at my other arm and then at my hand. There I saw another gouge of what seemed to be from my diamond ring being forced into my skin.

I remembered my dream, my sore shoulder, and now these gouges. It left me believing I had been pulled out of bed. The headboard was made of iron posts and it was like I was holding on with my left arm and someone/thing had pulled me off and another pulled my hand so hard that my diamond broke my skin.

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