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Is my great-grandmother repaying my grandmother

Your Name: Jess

My Story I can’t prove to you that this is paranormal, but it is truly unexplainable. My great-grandmother lived in an add on “apartment” in my grandmother’s house. Recently, my great-grandmother passed away after breaking her hip while in already critical condition. Now, here’s the story. My grandmother is a very precise woman, she’s bought the same products for years and I don’t think she’ll ever stop. Well she ran out of toothpaste the other day and she realized this while she was on the phone with my aunt. She eventually gave her mouth a break from all the talking and went upstairs to her bathroom. To her surprise, there was a tiny, travel sized toothpaste sitting on her bathroom sink. She cannot recall any time in her life that she has bought the mini size of anything, let alone toothpaste. I would love to explain what may have happened, but I can’t even begin to think of a logical reason. My grandfather is the only other person who had been in the house at the time. Now, for her other experience. I can’t recall if it was before or after my great-grandmother had passed away, but my grandmother had dropped her wedding band on the kitchen floor and it rolled to who-knows-where. She had borrowed one from my aunt who just happened to have one handy until something happened- The wedding band had been lost for months already and my grandmother knew that she wouldn’t be getting it back any time soon. Well, this weekend she was vacuuming her house after a long day with her grandchildren and as she got to the refrigerator, the wedding band rolls out from under it. She’s got on of those old hunk of junk refrigerators, too. I don’t even think there’s room for anything to roll underneath of it. I was very shocked to hear that all of this had already happened and I’m sure that it is not the end. I’d like to think my nan is finally repaying my grandma for everything she’s done for her.
If anything else occurs, I’ll be sure to post it! Thanks, guys. 🙂

Updated: December 8, 2011 — 8:46 pm

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  1. Very interesting.

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