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My unborn twin has been haunting me!

Your Name: Jessie

My Story: Since i was younger i always had this feeling that someone was beside me at night, it was only was a minor feeling when i was young but it started to get worse as i grew up. then at the age of 13 my eye colour changed but only in one of my eyes i thought at first it was just sometjing i had done? but it started to change each day! At this time i was 15 years old and i was asked to babysit my neighbours younger son he was only 3. i put him to bed a round about 10’oclock as layed down in my setea my eye colourr had got worse i was just about to ring an emergancy doctor when the baby monitor (for the kid) started making weird wispering sounds and let out a loud screech i picked it up i was scared as i was only 15 at the time then a whisper came fromm the monitor saying “im here, and i want to be born” i remember this clearly! i jumped i went up stairs and everything was normal. When i was 16 i went to a doctor to find out that since that i was a twin but i took everything thing to help it live away from it.I went to to exorcist to find out that from the age of 2 my unborn twin has been haunting me!

Updated: December 8, 2011 — 8:37 pm


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  1. Um, i hate to break this to you, but an exorcist would not be able to tell you that your twin has been haunting you since the age of 2. This story seems a bit fishy and far-fetched. Sorry. =o(

  2. Have you never seen the film The Unborn?

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