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I always felt there was more people in the house than just family

Your Name: Gina

My Story: Ever since I was 3 I lived in a nice big house. My parents had built this house on land that used to be fields on which a farmer planted on years ago. When they built on it, it was just dirt. When I was 3 i always felt there was more people in the house than just family. I put it off as just “faries” that walked around. As I got older and a bit older I got into watching paranormal show and I started thinking that stuff happened to me. One day I asked my mom if anything strange ever happened to her. She told me no and to not worry about it. I got scared to walk to the house. I always had that horrible dark feeling someone was watching me and was not going to stop. Always by my moms room at night I felt like there was someone there pushing me to run. In my room late at night I would close my eyes tight and hold the blanket around me feeling that someone was by my side at night watching me and was angry. One night I was watching TV and I saw a black figure shadow thingy and got terrified all of a sudden my TV went off I got scared and said in my mind i need to go to bed anyway. I woke up about 2 hours later to my lights going on and off. I got terrified and I shut my eyes tightly and hid under my lights stopped and turned off again. I was terrified and moved away about 6 months later. I never told anyone. I recently found out someone died in those dirt fields years before my parents built that house.

Updated: January 11, 2012 — 9:30 pm

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