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Do spirits make a bee line to a door they know is open?

Your Name: Steve C

My Story: I use to have frequent visits from spirits in my bedroom at night, it started with hearing soft footsteps in the carpet at the side of the bed and the cat sitting upright moving it’s head and eyes left to right and back again as though someone was pacing the room. As the weeks passed I forgot about it until I was lying in bed with my arm under the pillow, and my hand hanging over the top of the bed when I felt a small tug on one of my fingers, then again, I ignored it to start with thinking it was just a nerve twitching. The next night it happened again but this time it was my whole hand, and I could physically feel another hand on mine, it felt small, like a childs hand, it was warm and gentle but that did’nt stop me from being startled by it and my pulse going into overdrive… over the course of the next few weeks I had many visits from spirits, one of them was a short gentleman, wearing a roughly made suit with baggy trousers and a cap, quite dirty looking and rugged, he appeared in the corner of the room near the door night after night and we just stared at each other. One night my wife woke as he stood there and she started screaming, she was screaming there’s a man in the room, there’s someone standing in the corner, this was the first time she had ever had such an experience and so I told her he had been visiting for a while but he didn’t speak and so I was unsure of what he wanted even though I had asked on one of his visits. He didn’t come back for a few nights, but when he did I could sense something was different, I sat up in the bed and as soon as I had I could see he was holding the hand of a small girl aged 4 or 5 years old. He spoke for the first time and simply said “she is lost”, the little girl looked up at the man and he nodded with approval, she turned back to me and asked if she could stay with us and if I would look after her. It was all a bit surreal, I was having a conversation with a spirit in my room and they were asking the impossible… I had to say no and at that the man rubbed the little girls shoulder, they both turned and left the room and I did’t see them again. I was then inundated with spirit for weeks afterwards, until I stopped acknowledging their presence. For a time, I was having so many visits my wife was considering that I may have some form of personality disorder. I believe that when you accept a spirit that the news travels in the spirit world and they make a bee line for the door they know is open. Strangely though, when my mum passed away I was sure I would receive her but I didn’t, just hints that she is near, little things that I know are her.

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