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What was the rainbow coloured orb that appeared in front of us?

Your Name: Debbie Gaylor

My Story: I returned from a trip abroad in early October to be told by my family that my dogs had been waking my family barking in the early hours of the morning for the 5 consecutive days I had been away and for no apparent reason (I have 4 dogs) The following night the dogs woke the family again and myself and my son went downstairs to investigate We both jiontly witnessed a light ball(rainbow coloured orb) appear in front of us…I have never witnessed anything so strange or beautiful It is now November and the light orb continues to appear almost nightly in my bedroom I have photos of the event one night when it appeared beside my bed and woke me up so brilliant was its light, It was the size of a dinner plate and glowing My son said the night it he saw it the ball floated up the stairs and began to form a head and shoulders…it appears to be following me I am not scared by it since it is so pretty Often my bedroom ceiling looks like some one has thrown glitter in to the air and it sparkles Any ideas on what it could be? I am a registered nurse and for weeks now my logic defies what I am experincing No one believed me until I took the photos now I am being encouraged to seek out what it represents .

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  1. Does this light orb still appear? Can you post the pics that you have? Is there any noise accompanied by its appearances? Thank you.

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