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A black spiderweb floats over my children when they sleep

Your Name: Trish

My Story: I have always had paranormal esperiences and lived in a house with at least 6 ghosts.which never bothered me,but when i was about 6 yrs old i was standing in my livingroom when i saw coming through the open door a huge black shiny mass,i was terrified and tried to scream but nothing came out..i threw a spoon that i was holding at the time at it and it made a popping noise and bounced off and fell to the floor,the black mass disappeared..i am now 45 but the memory is still very vivid..and on another point i see the same black substance like a spiderweb floating over my children when they sleep


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  1. Hello, I don’t know if you will ever get this but last night I saw what I would also describe as a spider-web type of ….. something. I thought I was just hallucinating in the middle of the night (I was half asleep before I saw this) but it seemed very very real. It was like a strange orb-like shape made of what seemed like webs and had more webs coming off it. As I watched it it appeared to drop down lower and I think it started disappearing but I closed my eyes out of fear at that point. I have had other paranormal experiences (sensing ghosts, etc) but never have I heard of or encountered something of this nature. Perhaps it is similar to what you see?

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