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Your Name: Sarah

My Story: Ever since I was little I have experienced some strange things which I really can’t explain. I have felt, heard and seen things and as I have gotten older it has became stronger. My Dad is also in the same boat. As a child, I was lying face down on my bed when I felt something jump on top of me, lying along my back. It felt to me like an adult. I squirmed and kicked and after about 15 seconds I felt the weight leave. There was nothing there.

I have seen blue orbs in my living room, however I felt very calm when I saw those. I hear someone walking around my house, opening cupboards and doors. I have a strong sense of being watched, especially at night. I have seen demonic type apparitions near cemeteries (I am not religious, I don’t know if that makes a difference). I have seen a figure of a black shadow man (that’s the only way I can describe it). I would have assumed I was just seeing things however my dog was sitting on my lap and looked at the exact same spot, growling. It was a large, masculine shape. My mood changes in different areas of my house and random times. I have moved house a few times and the issues have been in every house, only aimed at my Dad and myself. My mother and brother have experienced nothing. Over the past 2 years I have woken up in different areas of my house, sometimes with one area of my body in pain. I am getting more concerned lately as I am moving out with my boyfriend soon and I am worried he will be effected.

I have told a few people about these occurrences and they laugh or say I am crazy. I feel like an entirely normal person, I am a teacher, I live in a nice area, I have a normal job and am very happy. I don’t know who to talk to about this and I think I need some advice!


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  1. I really got the chills from reading this! Did anything traumatic happen to you in your childhood? I would talk to your local priest (even though your not religious he should be able to determine whether this presence is demonic or good). Also try meditation, sometimes spirits can try to get your attention to tell you something and you have to listen to them. Also check out creating your own prayer of safety, not only can they keep you safe but they can make you feel safer, thus giving the presence less of a hold over you.

    Make a smal investment in some sage smudging sticks that can be purchased at health food stores. Burn one of these as you walk around your home, or ever get someone to smudge you with the stick while you say your prayer of protection. There are also many stones that can be purchased that can be worn as necklaces that can keep you safe. I personally wear hematite ring that keeps away bad energy.

    Many steps can be taken to help you find out if this is good or bad. Also (and you may feel like an idiot saying this, but its binding and should work) next time you feel a presence in your company say “You are not allowed to harm me, touch me, or take away my energy. I am not afraid of you, and you have no power over me!”

    Most spirits will listen to this, some wont. I really hope this helps! There are also many books on the matter, my personal favorites are the “idiots guide…” series about spirits, the paranormal, and hauntings. A religion that suits your taste is also a good thing to invest in because you can then call upon whichever diete you choose for protection. When you whole heartedly believe that a paranormal protector (like a god) can protect you, then the spirits become intimidated by the power that you have with your religion.

    I am a ghost hunter and I always have certain things on me when going on a hunt to protect me from things that I do not want to come in contact with. I have shared some of my techniques with you and I really hope it helps! The best way to conquer this is to learn all you can about it. Reach out to your community for help, many people will be willing to help you, and its always great to have a base of support! Good luck!

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