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The strange shape that flew from the ground at Old Fort Niagara

Your Name Dana

My Story: My mom , my aunt and I decided one day to go to Old Fort Niagara and we had a really good time it was warm sunny and they even had a renactment canon shooting! After that we went down to a place in the fort where they keep the large canons and we were walking around down there when i feel like i am being watched so i start taking pictures and i walk over to a part of the room near a cannon and i feel a cold spot and it was about 98 degres that day and there were no windows so it was no wind! i showed my mom , and aunt and they agreed that it was a big temp drop ! They started walking towards the stairs to the rest of the fort and for some strange reason i whisper ” if you are going to show up, show up on my camera ” and i walk to the stair my mom and aunt ahead of me and i suddenly decide to turn and take a picture and as i do i see a shape fly up from the ground and i snap a picture of it! it even looked like a man! like he was leaning around a pillar to look at me! you can even see his hat and his uniform! all in all it was a very fun day!


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