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What is the black figure that tried to choke my brother?

Your Name:Lauren

My Story: I have experienced things, felt things, and seen things ever since I was little. But this experience didn’t happen TO me but only happens AROUND me. So when I was younger I would have bad dreams and I would ask one of my older brothers to come sleep in the bed with me. One night when I was about 5 or 6, I asked my oldest brother to sleep in my room and he did. Later on that night, he said he awoke to a black figure over him (mind you i”m sleeping in the bed right next to him). He says that the figure began choking him and he was trying to scream and wake me up and yell for my parents but he couldn’t move or speak. He says he knows he wasn’t dreaming, it was as real as anything else he’s experienced. The next day he told me and my family about his experience, and til this day he will not stay in my room. I am now 21 years old and when my brother stays at my house he has seen the same black figure but only around my bedroom, outside of my door, never anywhere else. But whatever it is has not threatened my safety or made me feel uncomfortable. Could be a guardian??

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  1. I don’t really think it would be a guardian. Chances are its something thats watching out for you, but not a guardian. A guardian usually will not harm the ones you love unless they have intent to harm you. A black figure also just feels like bad to me. Purity is represented by light, like my guardian is always surrounded by a soft white glow. Every paranormal experience I have had that has encountered anything black has not been good.

    Maybe talk to your local priest or spiritualist. You may be sensitive to paranormal activity. Many can teach you how to use this gift if you so choose, or help you control it!

    Good luck! (P.S. Your brother may have experienced sleep paralysis, which is common in some people but happens to everyone at least once in their life [google it!]) =)

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