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What is the meaning of my nightmares?

Your Name: Sydney

My Story: This isn’t really a Paranormal Experience its more like nightmares. Only a few months ago my father sadly past away on the 15.7.2011, it was abit of a shock because i was so close to my dad i mean every time i was in trouble i’d run to him & he’d sort everything out for me he always used to protect me from everything.. my mum found a new boyfriend his name was Ben, my dad new there was something wrong with this Ben but he didn’t want to say anything he asked the police if he was on the pedophile list, they said no. but he had a criminal record, for steeling, Anyway, my dad & this Ben did not get on. Ben threatend to bomb my nans house, kill my family, kill my dad. everything! he did scare me alot so i always used to run for my dad. me & my two sisters was going to live with my dad, but sadly he died before we moved anything. Ben started to hurt me & everything after that Ben did rape me. anyway we have had him sorted but my mum still stays in contact he still had a pair of our keys which frightened me even more, because i used to think he was going to come back & hurt me, my mum has got rid of him now, but i still get threatend on funny phone calls with his voice, we have changed the locks, but im still very scared.
this is where it all started, it was all to much for me to cope with, then theese dreams came along & they keep gettign worse, & worse, & worse, & worse. they are all very scary now i’ve woken up screaming & my sister is getting scared, she said you was screaming, shouting, talking, moving, & then she said it was like soemone was pulling you around the room, she said it was so BAD!! that scared me,
but theese dreams are still carrying on, i try to think about nice things & i finally dose off, but i still go into a nightmare! & the last dream i had i woke up with blood all over my hands, will somebody out there tell me what this means? please? im really scared!

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  1. you seriously need someone to help girl. both with your nightmares and that Ben guy. am no body and am from no where and i can do nothing about but you need to find some one who can help you. ben guy sounds horrible you should talk to police or something. how are you now? is that ben guy still threatening u?

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