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What was the bright blue flash that lit up our bedroom

Your Name: Flashy Lighter

My Story: Please answer what my wife and I saw in our bedroom. Fact #1 We were actually making love at the time, I only mention this as it may have been a factor in what happened. #2) We were both startled in the darkened room by an extremely bright flash. It appeared as a blue color (that was my initial impression) and I also had the impression that it was rectangular in fashion. We were both very startled and stopped what we were doing. Immediately going to the spot where we thought the flash had emanated, from our above our bedside table, we looked for any electronic devices, cell phones, cameras, etc. The only thing there is a lamp, which was off and only produces muted light, and a simple digital alarm clock. The light appeared to come from 2 feet or so above the table. The bedroom window had the blinds drawn all the way down. Has anyone experienced this kind of flash? I would think it was my own retinas flashing, but we both saw it.

Updated: April 25, 2012 — 9:37 pm

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