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A bright light and the figure of a woman in my bedroom

Your Name: Elaine
My Story:  When I was a lot younger (around 13) we lived in an old end-of- terrace house. From the moment we moved there I felt a certain un-ease – like someone was always watching me. My younger brother felt it too. It was a cold old place – never seemed to warm up much and was quite creaky. My Mum and Dad never felt the same as me and my bro it seemed to be just us two that sensed a presence.
One night I was in bed trying to get to sleep. I turned over again for the umpteenth time but when I did even though my eyes were shut tight I was aware of a light going on in the room. As I opened my eyes I was directly facing my window and there in front of the drawn curtains was the transparent figure of a woman. At first I could hardly make her out as the light was so bright that it hurt my eyes. She looked very much like one would imagine the virgin Mary to look with a long flowing gown and the hood up with her long hair cascading out over her shoulders. She seemed to be swaying gently from side to side and looking down at the floor with her hands clasped. I just stared petrified trying to make some sense of what I was looking at. Then she looked directly at me and looked worried that I could see her. She then turned toward my curtains and disappeared into them it seemed. The room was once more dark and by then I had shut my eyes tightly in terror hardly daring to open them again in case she had come back. I knew I had seen something though as when I shut my eyes I could still see the ouline of her in my mind.
Eventually I plucked up enough courage to scream for my Mum and when she came into my room and turned on the light it was normal light bulb strength light that lit up my room as opposed to the bright light from earlier on.
I have never seen her again since and am sure I wasn’t meant to see her that night. I’m 46 now and have had a few more experiences but nothing as vivid as on that night.

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