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How do I control my hypersensitivity to spiritual entities?

Your Name: Thomas

My Story: Ever since I was quite young, I have been afraid of the dark. I would always think there were shapes moving in the shadows. In more recent years I noticed that while I am hypo-sensitive to physical pain, I am hypersensitive to energy of all kinds, heat, electrical, spiritual. I could feel electrical currents, whether they be man made, or the aura that people put off. I eventually figured out I can siphon off energy from other people, and after talking with multiple spiritual sensitives, I also found out i can do so with ghosts. Each of these sensitives tell me that I have a very old presence that latched on to me when I was young and gives me these abilities. Once I figured out what was happening to me I found that I can sense when spiritual entities are present, and I see them as a very slight white fog on my field of vision. I did some research on my own, but there is hardly any information for me to find. I am hoping to find some help as to what I can do to control this, as I’ve come close to killing two people. Not by anything controlling me, but by draining their aura over a period of several hours. I just really would like any information possible…


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  1. It seems to me like you could be a psychic vampire. Search this on the web and you should find some info that will help you to understand this.

  2. Christian Hechavarria

    I’m super hyper sensitive too. People like us have racing thoughts, extremely emotional, loving. But we can be evil, way more evil then others. We’re extremely powerful if we learn how to use it. Yea, that’s true physical pain is nothing we dont feel it like others. We tend to get hot. Look, in short, Im a super hypersensitive, all my life, i Live in Miami im 21. Ive seen spirits since i was young, i grew out of that phase, and now i can feel em. Ive recently been learning alot about this, and to say it short, God blessed us, Satan wants us. If we do Good, we have a great effect on people who love us. If we do bad, same. We have something others dont, and the cant understand. Ive proved it tho cuz im sooo hypersensitive I can predict. I have dejavu, I know the meaning of certain numbers (time and dates mean alot) Numbers mean alot, start adding up watch (your birthday ur ssn number ur license number) youll see something very odd. any advice u need, or u could give me, email me please . just be careful cuz satan wants us more den others, so hes ALWAYS on us.

  3. How do you control it?

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