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Is a spirit/force trying to choke me?

Your Name: Jebi Rajan

My Story: My experiences are not much common. If any one has anything to help me with any thing, it would be a big favor. The thing which is often happening with me is that i wake up semi – consciously and i feel a spirit/force on me trying to choke me.. i cant move my hands or legs.. its very slow if i can.. and i am not sure if its trying to choke me.. i get a different feeling.. which is very difficult to help.. but you know its not a good feeling.. so please help me anyone.. i dont know what i have done wrong. i am a good person.. never would do anything bad.. why is this happening with me? help.

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  1. Jebi, you are not a bad person. It sounds a lot like you are suffering from a condition called Sleep Paralysis. Ever hear about those old stories about hags and demons that sit on your chest and squash you in your sleep? Thats what sleep paralysis basically is, it is a real scientific condition that can explain a lot of these strange things. Basically, you’ve only partially woken up, but you’re still in a dream, and people in this state often feel a presence come into their room, and come very close, and often feel a pressure (like it sitting on them or choking them). They cannot move at all, as their body is still physically asleep. It can’t hurt you, but it is very scary.

    I’m not 100% about treatments, normally people have them as one-off experiences that are very scary but otherwise harmless. Sometimes they can be stress induced. I would see a doctor and go from there. It seems quite likely that this isn’t a paranormal attack, just your brain scaring the heck out of you (our brains love to do that to us sometimes!)

    Good luck x

    1. Hi i had experience was in bed felt something coming up undersheets and then felt something choking me. Havent told but few people. I was thinking of suicide.My 18yr old nephew can in bedroom to check on me and what ever it was left very quickly.Never want to experience something like that again.My Mother 5yrs later took 155pills in that same room and my nephew found her she survived Dr.said if he wouldnt have found her she would have died in very short time.That house is always cold i feel there is a evil spirit there

    2. I think it happen to me

    3. Few years ago I keep on moving into a new house but when I was around 4,5 or 6 year old it was night time and all my family members was asleep I was the only one that is awake I look at the window and then I saw this shadow with 2 round ears oval shape of head walking away slowly and then we move and I start having a dream about this Lady (half body) she was covered in my blanket I was going to my mom room but then when I unwrap my blanket and there she was I throw her outside in front of the door and then few days later I start to see her left arm and her face at the corner of my coaches then in the shelf and somewhere in the afternoon I saw her watching me that I told my mom to come quickly and she disappear then we move I saw a eyes and nose in the shelf then I move again to the house that I was dreaming about (Bad Dream) I didn’t know until I remember in my dreams I had alot of dreams about the house I live now and it’s the same house from my dreams there was a Shadow Figure standing in the kitchen starring at me then one idk what but I hint it was a ghost was crawling toward my family and me I told it to Leave my family alone and I said the name of Jesus and it stop and then my next dreams was I was running away from it, it was chasing me I went to a room and it was behind me the hand was coming closer to my face then everything went black other dream I don’t remember that much but there one that has my friend in it was in her body trying to attack me or something like that but Everytime I try to say the name of Jesus it won’t let me say it, it felt like it was trying to make me not to say that name then few years later I been attacked I had headaches dizziness burn it felt like something was scratching on my side of my hip it was burning as hell and then in the night I felt something pulling my hair 2 times and then I felt something was surrounding me trying to take my energy it was kinda scary but then one night I saw a full ghost look and it was a lady or a teenage girl with long black hair covering her face wearing white dress walking slowly looking down idk where she was going but she was walking toward the washroom but I think she was trying to come toward me I turn my head for a few seconds then I look back she was gone that was the first time I ever seen that kind of thing it scared me to death, it felt like I was in Hell already although I always want to be a real vampire but not those scary one that hurt people, I want to be a nice vampire that’s all I want to be.
      Jesus Please tell my guardian Angel to Protect me from Evil Spirits/Darkness

      1. I believe you it’s not sleep paralysis. My husband had been married before me a couple of times his ex’s would tell me this stuff and I thought they were crazy. Then it started happening to me well it had been for years before I met him but I didn’t want to admit it. I finally got up the nerve to tell my husband. He got rid of them for me. You are doing the right thing saying in Jesus name. You need to say I rebuke you in the name of Jesus Christ 3 times. When I met my husband my youngest son was 3 he had been having night terrors for his whole life. He wouldn’t sleep I his own room at any house we had lived at this time it had been 4 different houses. My husband and I were just dating at this time and we were sitting in the yard on a swing when him and my son started talking he couldn’t hardly be understood at this age. My husband talked to him for around an hour I didn’t understand hardly anything my son was saying finally my husband said it’s all going to be ok I will get rid of them. No joke my son feel asleep he carried him to his bed and my son never slept another night in my bed. After a couple of years of marriage I became friends with his ex wife she told me how she wouldn’t go to bed without him because of the things that had happened to her. She told me about being jerked off the bed and choked and there was no one in their room. She said I have had these demons attacking me my whole life. She said as long as we were together or close friends they didn’t bother me. Well we were all friends for 8 or so years then she met someone and just started down a new road in life. A year and a half after we stopped being friend she killed herself she said her Demons had come back. Why she didn’t call I don’t know but she said no one would believe her and kept saying it was sleep paralysis well it wasn’t. I promise I believe every word you are saying and you are welcome to contact me I promise my husband can help you. This isn’t something he does for everyone. He doesn’t want anything from you but to just help.

        1. This has been happening to us as well.. Our stories are VERY similar. Idk if you’ll see this but IF you do PLEASE contact me on fb as last “hat man” tried choking my better half (he NEVER believed until the other day..) My name is Candi Reitsma on facebook PLEASE contact me ASAP! Thank you so much!

        2. My husband is being tormented by demons 2 times this last month. Once they had him shoot himself. JUST recently they were smothering him. It has been happening for years. What can we do to make them stop.

          1. Say adubeallah mean al shetna al rajem

          2. This is a demonic attack. You need to a) try to use Jesus’ name whenever faced with an attack (Jesus, Yeshua, Emmanuel) b) pray to God c) open up your bible and start meditating on the word. Meditate means to ruminate/utter to oneself. Utter passages of scripture to use against the enemy. I’ve been in dreams feeling choked, strangled, and drowning by these demonic forces. As soon as I realize in the dream that it’s a spiritual/demonic attack I try my best to fight and say Jesus’ name. Sometimes I can’t because the spirit is withholding me from speaking in these dream/nightmares. I wake up out of breath. I’ve used to mess around with paranormal forces for a short period of time before believing in Christ. I used to see shadow-like spirits on the wall that literally looked like what I could best describe as a “shadow-person”. People may say that I was a schizophrenic, or hallucinating, but others have seen them as well, including my pastor. He saw one of these dark, dark shadows at the foot of his bed! He rebuked it in the name of Jesus and it was gone. Pray to God, you and your husband together, for guidance with these attacks. If it’s trying to take his life, he may need deliverance from spiritual bondage.

          3. It’s is a demon call this number talk to this pastor he can explain 6615479936

        3. Please contact me, I need to speak to you and your husband

          1. Can you please help me with what just happen to me at 4:00am today. Someone gave me very old dolls glass dolls and I had a black figure holding my body could move and getting very close to me I felt the bed moving back and forth and my body shake left to right like if I was having a stroke. Once he got really close disapered and than try to do it again to me. 323 5346524 I put the dolls in the back of my car with a rosary. My brother says he has seen a black figure in his room and kept hearing things in his room and he said started 3 days ago for him and that’s when the dolls got here.

        4. Hi i am a mother of twin boys and i have been feeling like something wants me dead most nights i close my eyes to go to sleep i can feel something over my trying to do me harm and now today i took a nap n it felt like it was getting worst pls help me i dnt kne what to do

        5. i need help with this.

        6. My 16 yr old daughter just recently started saying she thinks something is happening to her & is think she is going crazy…she told me she saw herself out of her body. But was unable to scream for me,felt scared but after fear went away..then early about 4 am i woke up 2 her screams & cries, ran 2 her room & said something was choking her..she said she couldnt move but finnaly kicked up & i walked in…said she was not dreaming & had been yelling 4 me , but i couldnt hear & never came.she said…she also says she hears her name being whispered in her ear alot…can you help me 2 understand this.

          1. Hi Jennifer, what you described happened to your daughter is exactly what’s happening to me. Last week I awoke in the middle of the night and I was laying in bed and felt outside of my body. Even after I woke up and went on about my day, I had a lingering feeling like I wasn’t in my body. Another night I awoke in the middle of the night to see a dark figure right in front of my face and it started choking me. I was awake and was able to move my arms but couldn’t scream. I also hear strange sounds, but not voices, in my ear. Would you be willing t talk to me?

          2. Juan Alfonzo Jinez

            Look, the reason she couldn’t move is because there is a Demon alien machine inside her human body,,, I say this because their is one inside my body, an this demon alien machine has terrorized me in many evil ways since I was a good child, look, there is an evil force that is terrorizing lots of people in this world, I will ask you this, do you think that Jehovah god would do this evil actions upon good children, well the answer is YES!!!!,,, just for the record, to let you know, jehovah god (has) an evil spirit inside of him, and it says that in the bible just look for (1 Samuel 16:14-15) and you will see that Jehovah god (has) an evil spirit that terrorizes good people, just look!!! for it in the bible and you will see it for your self,,, o.k. I leave you with this in mind,,, take care and may the Holy Spirit be with you, if you have any questions you can send me a message to my facebook profile just type: Juan Alfonzo Jinez and you can leave me a message,,, o.k. take care and god bless you,, good bye….

        7. HI Liz, can you & your husband pls help me? I just woke up and had to google what I had felt. I felt like I was being choked but I swear I was at least half asleep or something. I remember reaching for my phone very very slowly. For some reason I always know to say “Jesus is Lord” like automatically. I woke up sore around my neck. There was another time that same thing had happened and I automatically heard a mans voice saying “Jesus is lord” then music plays…it said it three times and everything went away. During that time I knew it wasn’t an OBE because my dogs NEVER bark and they were barking at a dark corner at my house where I had seen a shadow it was creepy.

        8. Hey I keep having these dreams I would love help.

        9. Haveing the same problem

        10. Liz,

          I have read your comment and got touched. I am dealing with a similar issue. I have had this “thing” cant explain exactly what it is put pressure on my head like it is trying to smother me. I feel so bad. It has happened to me for so long and has made me miserable.

          My life is a wreck, I get to a loint that I get near a breakthrough, but it doesnt happen. Its sad. I just need. This gone. Help me. I am over in Kenya

        11. Hiim going thru the same thing and I need help

        12. Hey I would like to know where you live my girlfriend is been going though the same bizarre events

      2. You should pray and go to my church. It is the largest Christian church in the world and they have all the gifts of the Holy Spirit including the gift of prophecy it is amazing. God will liberate you from what the enemy is trying to torment you with.It is Church of God Ministry of Jesus Christ international.
        Good luck

    4. Thats not true my mum had the exact experience and she almost died from being strangled by the thing…she woke up and she is traumatized by what happened she can not unsee what she saw

      1. Understand

    5. well my friend – I don’t have Sleep Paralysis.. I have dreams that tell me the future, I have talked with ghosts and they tell me things and show me things in my dreams. Edgar Cayce was another person that was able to do this. Get help with a paranormal society near you.
      I did and they helped – since then I never had the same thing happen to me – until recently. I know why it is happening again… So I have to get help again. The person that says you have Sleep Paralysis, refuses to believe in the paranormal – avoid these people.

      1. Agreed!!!100%

      2. Hello Jess, how would one go about getting in contact with a paranormal society near me?

    6. I have the power to see spirits. But last night on January 20th 2019 I had something happened to me that has never happened to me before. My husband and I are laying in bed and I fell asleep All of the sudden I felt like I was being choked my husband was panicking my eyes never opened to see what it was I was too scared I’ve never in my life had that happened to me before It was almost like somebody lives and half of me choking me and knocking the wind out of me after it was out there it took me a couple of minutes to get my butt back

    7. I have the power to see spirits. But last night on January 20th 2019 I had something happened to me that has never happened to me before. My husband and I are laying in bed and I fell asleep and all of a sudden it felt like someone was sitting on me choking me to death I was to scared to open my eyes. My husband was yelling leave her alone. Then I could breathe again

    8. Hey there, I moved to my house 6 years ago. I had a lot of crazy things like these happening even more wow scary. I had a weird spirit go inside of me I cried out to arch Angel Michael to disconnect me from this evil spirit, it goes right out, I cried out to God to get his fighting Angels to fight these evil spirits, I was so scared, I was the only one seeing these things. I read the bible out loud everyday I saged the inside outside of my house. Helped some. I found prayers on on Pinterest to protect my house and yard….I just realize that we have God with us every day. He is there to protect us we have to ask for his permission everyday I still get attached but you have to say prayers to protect us like the blood of Christ covers and protect us. We are gods children the devil is always trying to get us to go to hell.

  2. Its called sleeping paralysis.

  3. Hi, this sounds a lot like sleep paralysis. It is very common and you can find a lot of info on this on the internet. Dont worry about this 🙂

    1. If it’s so then why do we feel choking badly n can’t breath tell ?

    2. Hi well i dont believe it is sleep paralysis..yes ibe felt not neing able to move,sleep,or speak..until few weeks back..i can actually feel their hands holding me down and everytime i try to pull free..i can feel a knee or something pushing into my kidneys..more i try to break free the more it hurt..lastnight i heard i female voice whisper hello..and blowing on my ear..i havnt read anything like this. Which is why i believe it is something way beyond..if anyone has had these feelings i would like to hear..

      1. my bf has ds kind of same prb

        1. He said to me every n8 a fairy come to him bt he can’t see her . It’s like a smoke typ. The angle named herself Amy. m so much worried about my bf . plz can u give me a solution

      2. Im 12. Last night i was having a lucid dream, but then
        Everything went black and i could feel like i was being choked. I was struggling to breathe and i couldnt move like
        I am sure some hands tried to choke me to death but
        I pulled free and Yeah… everytime i closes my eyes
        I would get choked again .. it was terrifying

        1. That must be terrifying for you. I’m 13 and I was chocked before, it almost knocked me unconscious. Two hands were wrapped tightly around my neck and it was like it was in charge of my body. My energy was drained from me and then he bent down but it was just a huge male black figure and it growled in my ear. It took me an hour to be able to move, and I was just crying and believing I was crazy. But I had evidence, I had fingerprints on my neck and I couldn’t sleep for days on end. But then mom finally decoded to tell me all about my experiences with spirits and demons. I’ve just realised I have medium gifts and it is terrifying. Being able to see, hear and communicate with them makes me doubt my sanity and people look at me like I’m crazy, but I’m not.

          1. Stay strong once u learn to harness your gifts u will help many!

        2. HI, my name is Julie Rene Leek the same thing happened to me I dreamed I was at a beach house and someone was choking me and I couldn’t breathe. I felt something black behind me like completely Robb me of my breathing. I woke up after that now I feel weird. Do you know what this thing is?

        3. You should pray and go to my church. It is the largest Christian church in the world and they have all the gifts of the Holy Spirit including the gift of prophecy it is amazing. God speaks individually through a prophecies to you in you ear no one else will hear. Its amazing I used to have all sorts of issues such as someone who is not th here sitting on my bed, sleep paralysis and other things that I don’t really have any more and my life is completely changed for the better.It is Church of God Ministry of Jesus Christ international.

      3. Hi Jeremy these creatures are called jinns. They can see us and we can’t see them. I have had the same experiences. Whenever this happens to me I start to read Quran and the shadow dissappars.

      4. Yes ive been experienceing this since i was about a teenager i looked it saw this site , they say its sleep paralysis but i think its not that I’ve felt things and heard whispers in my ear I always thought i was alone

      5. i had an experience just now. usually sleeping with my bible helps, keeps them away. but this time it didn’t. if i forgot to sleep with my bible in the past, i would say psalms 23. but this time the thing was choking me, i was on my side and i could see a black shadow out of the corner of my eye. i’m pretty sure i could hear it teasing me and saying “say it” as i tried to say psalm 23. i couldn’t speak so i was basically thinking it, and everytime i got a verse out, the force around my throat got tighter and tighter. i dont know what’s going on but this, this isn’t normal. strangely enough, before it happened, i feel like i could’ve felt the presence of it while i was awake.. and i was trying not to go to sleep.

      6. I just had this happen to me for the first time ever and I didn’t like it at all . But instead of my kidney they tried to cut my throat. And was almost successful I tried to say in Jesus name but the stopped me from talking and was throwing me around the room I physically felt I was lifted up and thrashed around just now . My shoulder was gaashed and my throat hurts now . I’m very intuitive and I have the ability to see spirit and communicate with them and I’m a empathy . Ihears a man’s voice and woman’s .now I’m scared they will finish the job if I fall asleep and I’m tired and drained .

    3. Science aways thinks it has all the answer their actually demons

  4. Hey, it sounds like you are having sleep paralysis, which is the first stage of astral projection where you can come out of your body and move around in the air through walls and ceilings etc. When it happens to me i often get a sense of being watched or have hallucinations of someone speaking it can sometimes sound quite scary. If you can learn to relax into the experience (its common and is a natural stage of going to sleep) you may be able to astral project, look it up online there is lots of how tops. hope this helps, love kat xx

    1. This is not sleep paralysis, how can you say it is, I had the same problem…someone choking me while I was ASLEEP, however it last for a second. Which means I wasn’t awake while my body was asleep. This kind of thing happens to a few people in my country, even so you hardly find people online complaining about it.

  5. This is a strange experience. However, sometimes people can suffer from sometihng called sleep-paralysis. Its when you are half-asleep and are dreaming. You know you’re awake but you can’t move. It is very hard to exaplin but it is something to do with your muscles. It is harmless but can be scary. I don’t know if this is what you are suffering from but if you feel you can’t breathe when this happens, and it happens occasionally, I suggest you see your doctor, or if you believe that it is a spirit, maybe your priest.

  6. My friend is polish, and her sister and grandma had something like that happen to them. She says they were dreaming, and suddenly they was paralyzed and couldnt talk and something was pushing down on them. Its name is Zmora, you should take a look at this website:

  7. Jebi,

    I am a producer for a paranormal TV show and would very much like to speak with you further about your experiences. We are currently in the casting/ scouting process and you seem like you could use the help of expert investigators. Please feel free to send me an e-mail.

    All the best,

    1. About 3 mos ago I was sleeping on my couch and in the middle of the night I woke up suddenly feeling like someone was pushing me down with their hands on my forehead and shoulder. It almost looked like I saw the outline of a greyish figure but I was too scared to open my eyes.

    2. hi i dont know if you can help me but ive been having things happen to me in my house like my bum beeing touched in my kitchen and my shoulder being pushed down in my living room and cold breezes around me and the last two weeks ive been scared to sleep as when i do just doze of it feels like im being choked and i wake up having trouble breathing .its scaring me so much .please can anyone help me

      1. If thats happening try getting the house blessed right away and if beleve in god pray to him for help i know he will help. If they keep happening what i am sure of is that god is probably sending you those dreams to either help u 2 get a reality check or help ur past so you try to get through it and so you can better see it. Trust me i know.

    3. Hi, my name is Tony. A few years ago I had the same thing happen to me. I was asleep and than I was awakened by something very evil. I was not able to speak, scream or move. There was a tremendous pressure on my body and I was frozen and was being held down. I was also being choked, that is what woke me up. The pressure on my neck was so intense it left a mark and the pain was with me for days. After a minute or so I was able to move my hand and wake up my wife. She heard me choking and turned on the light and turned to me. That is when she saw what I was seeing. A being with glowing eyes skinny arms with large boney hands wrapped around my neck with its thumbs pressing into my neck just below my Adam’s apple and a tail. In addition it was sitting on my chest. She, like me was shaken by fear. She started to pray and as soon as she did it released me. We than saw the creature quickly climb the wall run across the ceiling and crawl through the air vent. This was not sleep parylisis. Both my wife and I saw this creature. We believe it was a demon. We had a priest come and bless our home but we think it still visits that house. We have since moved because after this event took place things would happen like hearing foot falls, closing doors and a feeling like something was watching you and it just wants to bring you pain, fear and Hell in to your life. This is my story. I hope it helps to know you are not alone in this.

      1. I would like to piggyback on this mans experience- I was sleeping and I woke immediately because there was a heaviness on my chest and a feeling of being choked/strangled. Because of my faith I tried with all my strength to speak the name of “Jesus”. It took what seemed like 30 seconds and then it fled.
        I think there’s a school of study that would like to rationalize it as sleep paralysis but it was a demon. Ask scary as it was I had a sense of knowing” that this spirit couldn’t harm me, but try to terrify me. I have had 2 experiences in 2006 but not since. It has nothing to do with you being a so-called good or bad person, but take an inventory of any activities you have participated in that could open any doors to satan or unclean spirits, also known as demons.
        I would encourage you to pray protection in the name of Jesus-
        If what I’m saying somehow makes sense to you, don’t fear, but pray and read the bible-there’s more guidance and instruction on dealing with the demonic than most people realize!
        Take care,

        1. Theresa Gayle Michaels

          Yes exactly

        2. This is the same thing that happened to me.
          I heard to say in the name of Jesus 3 times till it left me.

          GOD IS GREAT

        3. I agree, my brother who is now some kind of scitzophrenic male/female, but won’t admit he is scitzophrenic”. Came out few years ago, but in years before that, I found his mp3 player with the same kind of male female type pornography on the device, I just put it back down and never thought much in to it, I know I’d never go tell everyone, just hope he finds whatever way he is looking for.
          That night, I was choked in my sleep, by force over body, till woke up, that’s when I would sleep in total darkness. I think it could be someone or past selves ect telling you something. I struggled with pornography later in life. It’s best to pray and believe in God and the children growing right and not inhand of devil.

      2. So your wife saw this demonic creature after you woke up from your dream or before? I’ve seen shadowy figures on the walls of my room that look what I would describe as a “shadow person”. To provide a human example, it looked like Peter Pan’s shadow, minus an actual physical figure. My pastor has seen a similar dark, dark shadow at the foot of his bed. We have to invoke the name of Jesus when faced with such attacks. It is a spiritual attack.

    4. u still do a tv show about paranormal i hot questions

    5. I was vacationing in France at my grandparents farm house. I felt these entities bothering for months prior to this one particular night when I lit a candle and called on my spirit guides to help me cast these entities/dark energies out. I went to bed and that night I woke up and could not move . But could still see everything that was happening , almost like 360 degree vision . Then I could feel 2 black spheres of god knows what , they were about the size of grapefruit, come out of my lower back and start rolling around in circles on the bed I was laying on passing through my body as it circled on the bed . Then as fast as cannonballs they flew out the window and made an extremely loud crashing noise right outside , that’s what actually made me come out of the paralysis . I was so scared but then started tying to reason things out saying to myself “it was just a dream that didn’t really happen” As I’m thinking about this I hear my niece who was 3 or 4 at the time crying in the room next door . I went over there and my aunt (her mom ) was trying to calm her down saying its ok its ok you were just dreaming . I asked my aunt why she was crying and she was like oh it’s fine she was just having a nite mare and I was like what is she saying happened , apparently my niece told her that she saw a monster in the room and it jumped out the window. I documented all this that night cause I wanted to know if anyone else has had a similar experience and if any one knows what those things might have been ? Thoughts?

    6. Hi, I have just experienced this I was meditating but in and out of sleep but at the time of being strangled I’m sure I was more awake I felt large hands around my neck like they had leather gloves on and was strangled into almost unconscious my way out was relaxing and having no fear and it went. The strangest thing ever so real.

    7. I would like to know if dreams are a warning. I had a dream that this man was going to strangle, l was so upset when l woke up. Is that dream saying that’s how lm going to die? If some knows the answer Please tell me. My email is That is the second dream that l was going to be strangled, but Played out different.

    8. I met this girl that’s been raped and abused since she was a child. I realized she is sex addicted and involved in sex groups of consensual bdsm open relationship poly amorous ect. She told she wanted to get out for months, i found out she was still involved. I pushed this girl away many times after 2 months I had a bad dream since then I feel chocked a spirit. Ti never dream but that dream felt so real and i feel chocked. I don’t believe in paranormal activity but this feels real. I am not religious but I am considering joining a church.

    9. can you please reach me

  8. jebi i had the same thing happen to me last night i havent been to sleep since i’m to scared to sleep,i woke with what felt like someone was strangling me and either holding me down or sitting on me was very scared i do believe that there is more to this as my sister inlaw stayed a few weeks ago and everytimes we tried to put my 4 month old nephew to sleep in my room he would scream until he was taken out,we’ve also had things move in the house and i’ve seen a large white shadow more then once lurking around my back door it has not bothered me until last night so unsure what to do

  9. Dnt wry m8, be brave. I’ve been having this problem since I was 13 or 14 and now I’m 34 years old. First time it startrd as a normal dream, I saw myself playing in school and then suddenly every1 started screaming and running for their lives from some sort of bogeyman. Likewise I did the same but eventually and naturally it came from behind and grabbed me on my waists and I felt the crushing feeling. It felt very painfull and lasted for about 20 seconds. As I struggled against it I suddenly saw myself in my bed with that thing still squeezing my life out. Ever since that 1st experience its happened to me 100s of times, maybe in the thousands, if not very close to that figure for certain. Some nights it would happen a few times. Sometimes it would happen 3 or 4 nights in a row. Sometimes during the day and even when I used to be security guard during the night I used to doze off and it started happening, I could hear the people go pass me and they can’t hear me screaming out for help. Other nights I would think I’ve woken from an attack, if I could call it that, as it certainly seems like it. But I’ve actually not woken even though it feels like it I would get attacked again. If I do wake up I feel as if I’m forced back to sleep. I’ve been strangled, pressed, raped, my teeth feeling crushed,been feeling floating around the room, a few times in my car I’m asleep sitting down, suddenly I can see the car moving away but I can’t control it and cant open my eyes and I know that thing is trying to frighten me. I could feel it. Once I’ve felt it lift me up and throw me down the stairs, but I woke up in time. At first it was very scary but now I’m gone used to it. Even then I think about this every night b4 I sleep now. I think its some kind of boney creature which we can only see in our dreams. Sometimes my wife would hear me muttering and she would wake me up. Actually some of my other brothers experience this too though not as frequently as me. Recently, well actually it hasn’t happened to me for about 5 months until last week, and yesterday everytime I closed my eyes I was getting attacked and I just manged to open my eyes. But I would fall asleep again. If any1 needs to chat with me u can mail me I hope I havnt bored u u to death.

  10. I had these experiences since I was a child. I’m in my thirties now and about a few years ago, I woke up to see a dark shadow on the wall and it crawled all the way to the ceiling to go to where I was laying down. I couldn’t move my body. I was in sleep paralysis I believe but my eyes were opened and I could see it. It was a dark figure but no eyes no mouth, just a figure. It jumped on me and was on my tummy and tried choking me. I couldn’t hardly breathe. I tried moving and I couldn’t. It was scary. My son suddenly walked into the room and the dark figure disappeared. I gasped for air. It was one of the scariest experiences I ever had. I had been scratched on my feet. I have had psychic dreams that people–family members talk to me and say goodbye before they die. And when I wake up there was the calls that family give us the bad news. I have had these experiences since a child. No wonder I suffer from anxiety and depression.

    1. I’m 41 in I’ve had very similar experience. But in less than one year I have had three deaths of very close family members and just before they passed I told them that I was coming too see. In they die before I made it to see them.

    2. This has happened to me as well I would love to talk to someone that understands

  11. I had this happen to me, i felt someone choking me i woke up, But there was something i could see and it looked like a person, the thing it though, it was solid… My laptop is right by my bed and I had an app running and it was solid to block the light and screen from keeping me see the laptop. I could move just fine except i had one hand pinned behind my head cos i was sleeping on it, and I could move overwise. I told Mr. grey to leave me alone, thats what I call it anyways, because it was wearing a grey sweater… Either way, when he moved, i could see the light and my screen again, as he moved side ways away from me. i wasnt even remotely scared, Just want him to come back. I want to see him again because i want to talk to him. and I’m a light sleeper. So, i felt and saw him, except his face cos he blocked the light, but i did watch him move from my bed to the shadows, and I could see him move clearly. It’s frustrating, because it wasn’t a dream. He was real…

  12. Hello, the experience that is happening to you is indeed spiritual, I have had the same thing. I’ve been paralysed when waking up and been choked and all, ill tell you that they are demonic spirits and if you believe in Jesus you will be saved and have power over these forces trying to overcome you, just say this next time you get attacked. “I tell you to go away in the name of Jesus”

  13. You know maybe its not you maybe its your family
    someone wants to get revenge on you HEHER wants to
    kill you you must himher by asking that’s my
    comment i hope it helps!

  14. Thank you Nick! I had this same experience about 2 years ago. I was asleep for a nap mid-day and saw large hands coming towards me, and I felt paralyzed, and choked. I know Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior, so I kept rebuking the enemy over and over(but my words were slow and slurred, it was very weird) and the hands left. They have not come back. I know from the Bible and my mothers experience in participating in biblical deliverances that this is more normal than Americans realize. The forces of the demonic are everywhere. We MUST arm ourselves with the full armour of God, so that we can take a stance against the devil’s schemes. About a year later, my husband, who has since left us for other paths not of Jesus, brought in a dream catcher hand made from Cherokee, NC. The instant he brought it into the house I had a bad feeling. He defended it, that it was a work of art, and how could it have any powers? I told him it didnt, but it was possible the enemy could use it as a portal.
    Long story short, he went to bed, and I put it under a seat cushion outside our front door that night, without his knowledge, feeling like “Its done, out of the house, we are fine. WHEW!” And went to bed.
    Very early that morning I had the worst dreams I have ever had in my life. To just dabble into the detail of me killing my own niece, and much worse than that. I woke up clueless.
    It was much later in the day when the Holy Spirit reminded me of all the research I’d done the night before…..that the idol in question must be BURNED or removed completely from the property.
    Before my husband got home from church, I retrieved the dream catcher, and tried to burn it. It was so well crafted, and metal, it would not burn. I tried cutting it with every sharp tool we had, it would not break. Finally I knew he would be home in about 2 minutes so I raced over to the common area where people walk their dogs, put it in a dog poop bag, and threw it in that trash can.

    I have had no bad dreams since.

    I have not felt he has come to a place in his relationship with the Lord that he would understand what I did and why, but I know I had to protect my family, and the Holy Spirit knew I was the only one that could, at the time. I had to listen. For me, there was no other option.

    I hope this helps someone or multiple someones:) – when you feel that tugging of your heart- LISTEN!

  15. This just happened for the third time to me.
    I am always asleep in my bed and it always feels
    Like someone lying in bed beside me.

    Then it begins to press against me and choke
    And squeeze me. One time I felt I was being
    Lifted up with the blanket and smothered.

    Tonight it was choking me and I heard an unintelligible ‘voice’ that sounded like muttering and
    Snarling at once. It was not human.

    In these dreams I cannot move or speak. After
    Waking up , i feel a sort of electricity buzzing
    Through my whole body. This started a few
    Months ago. I stayed on the queen mary ship
    For two nights and prowled the allegedly haunted
    Spots with other guests. Other than that I did
    Not do anything differently.

    1. hi i dont know if you can help me but ive been having things happen to me in my house like my bum beeing touched in my kitchen and my shoulder being pushed down in my living room and cold breezes around me and the last two weeks ive been scared to sleep as when i do just doze of it feels like im being choked and i wake up having trouble breathing .its scaring me so much .please can anyone help me

      1. I know how every one feels One night at 3:30 in the morning i started had a dream i saw the letters IMP I opend my eyes and felt like i was ceing choked smothered to death. icouldn’t breath i was really scare i thoght i was going to die. I blinked my eyes opend and i saw a little black demon the siz of my son Bionicle it had jagged white teeth ,horns onitshest it was black as coal with a armor very muscular it was holding a trident and with the other hand choking me, ‘i was very scared but iam a christian an my mother had taught me to rebuke in the name of the Lord Jesus the demon looked at and laughed and his teethflashes his eyes glowed red the scariest i have ever seen
        it squeezed n neck harder i was struggling to breathe an i told it i rebuke you in the Lord Jesus name once it was still there
        i got scared i did it a second time it disappeared in smoke and it had a sulfur smell very stinky. That night i sat up and prayed all night and repented over all my sins and thanked the Lord Father , Son and Holy spirit for protecting me. When i fell asleepearly that morning i was exhauted from thst esrly morning experience I love the Lord God so much it has grown my faith.

  16. i hav also experienced d same thing from my childhood. when i was small i used to tell everone whhat i feel but noboddies understand me they ol just laugh and used to say dese kids r making so funy stories.. but no boddies understnad what kind of pain i suffer from every day.. it feels like m vry close to death.. or it feel like someone want me death..
    i hav also nt got any solution of dis if u get den let me knw also.. thanku

  17. Last night I woke up because I felt someone was sitting on my bed I felt it move down then a second later I felt hands on my throat choking me I was trying to get up but couldnt then everything went completely black. The second I thought to myself “start praying” it left. This isnt wasnt no “sleep paralysis”

  18. hello Jebi and any one who has had this experience , I’ve had this so called sleep paralysis / demonic attack all my life and have been afraid to speak about it to anyone I had and attack just last nite , where I was sleeping on my stomach and I felt this pressure on my body where I was unable to move or breathe something was chocking me and in my mind my thoughts were how afraid I was and I knew this thing wanted me to die, and it’s the same attack that happens periodically when ever it wants to , now naturally doctors call it sleep paralysis and spiritualist call a demonic attack , I am a believer /doer/ follower of Jesus Christ and every time this attack comes upon me in my mind I scream the name Jesus. And what ever it is attacking me lifts away , my thing is why does it keep happening and I too am a good person and I live a normal life just wish I had answers I appreciate any help

  19. I had a dream I was being choked in my dream I could feel the hands but couldn’t see it… I just said I cancel it in the name of jesus an it all stopped. What is wrong???

    1. That happen to me

  20. The scientific society always has a name for something spiritual, hence sleep paralysis. A better term in my book would be a demonic attack. I have had all the above including being strangled to the point of death. Only difference is that when I’m able to move and speak, I rebuke that evil spirit or demon in the name of Jesus Christ, and trust me, they have to listen. Why these attacks happen is another thing. Is God trying to get your attention with something that is attacking you in your house or through your loved ones? Are you a christian, cause if you are and are doing the work of the Lord, then expect to be attacked from time to time, it’s called spiritual warfare (Ephesians 6:12). Satan wants you to be scared, that’s his biggest trump card, making you feel like he’s more powerful than God is. The Word says that, “Greater is He that is in you, than he that is in the world. That’s powerful if you’re a born again christian, but if you’re not and are being attacked, then you’re in big trouble and better go see a pastor or clergy person who is also a born again christian. What I’ve told you is the truth, if you wanna believe that it’s spiritual paralysis, then go ahead, but you will live a scared life till you repent and ask God for His help. If you have any questions, please fill free to contact me.

    1. I need help I have things follow me everyday and also squeeze every single day!! It’s getting worse even has my dog I think! If anyone can help please call or text3173720508 my wife Melissa!! My phone doesn’t always work please anyone that can help

  21. Thank god this hasnt just hsppened ti me i had practacally the sane incident happen snd it was choking me and i kept waking up butit wouldnt let me stay awake i was right back to asledp it frrrlt like it coked mevthree times and its done this several timed to me i have heardits called a witch riding your back it feels like its gonna kill me and im scared to sleep…anrryhingsolve these problems ?

  22. So if it is sleep paralysis why did all 3 of my guitars slide down the wall and wake me up before the choking!

  23. On Thursday June 16 at night I had a dream about idk something I think I was in my room laying down on my tummy then I felt someone or something touching my neck and start choking me I can’t even breath I try to say Jesus but it wouldn’t let me and then I sit up to see who it was and there was no one then I lay down on my back facing the roof I close my eyes I think but then it happen again choking me but then I said “Leave me alone in the name of Jesus” I don’t remember if I said that but I remember saying something to it then I woke up and it felt so REAL that I told my mom although my mom don’t believe in this kind of stuff but she was laughing little bit and I told her it’s not a Joke it’s true and I think something is not right with the house I am living in I been having nightmare about this house and I heard voice and whisper it was a man voice I got scared that I record one night and I caught it on my ipod I still got it anyway I think there something in my house that try to scared me once I saw the lady in the white dress long black hair covering her face walking toward the washroom I got kinda scared it never happen to me before it was my first time but that not all I been seeing ghosts 5 times or more there is one time I had a dream about a lady half body I got scared and then few days I been seeing her in my old house anyway can someone PLEASE Tell me what is going On with me some of my dreams became Real. Now my head is hurting with dizziness I never felt this way before when I was around 4,5,6 around that age it began. I felt different sometime but I do not know why Please Explain why this is happening to me.

  24. When I was 3 Year old I was with my mom she was riding the motorcycle and then idk what but I think someone hit me and my mom, we got into a Motorcycle accident I was underneath the Motorcycle also I had a dream about it too. Some of my dreams there was a shadow or Something trying to chase me or something idk why but it did, once I had a dream or a Vision that I was standing where the TV was and I saw this male Shadow standing at the kitchen looking at me and idk why but I think there is Dark spirits in my house my friend came one day for a sleep over when it was my birthday she said that she heard a laugh when she was taking a shower I was washing my hands she said it sound like a witch laugh

  25. I heard voices and whisper when I was going to my first lesson of karate I was behind my mom and my brother then I heard a male voice told me to “Kill her” I look around and no one was there behind me it was creepy and then it said “boo” trying to scared me I felt someone or something breathing on me but then I record and it said “In the pain” it repeat over and over in one night I think it was trying to make me kill my mom or do something by forcing me to do this and getting me to get their detentions (evil spirits) but now that I am turning 18 in July 9 I haven’t been seeing ghosts or any spirits no voices no whisper, but I can still feel that it’s still around my house I wasn’t feeling like I was me I felt different my head was dizziness and headaches little bit but I try not to think about it just pretend nothing happen and be a normal person with a normal life I keep having a feeling that something is watching me and moving around my room and all around my house when I woke up on Thursday night I can still feel the thing grabbing my neck and I told my friend and she said there is another way to say Jesus but I forgot what it was she said that evil spirits hate that word so yeah that’s all I remember

  26. Everybody is basically saying it’s not big deal. It “just sleep paralysis” how can you say its harmless when im being harmed almost every night. Being chocked, poked laughed at, pinned down etc. stop ruling out the fact that it can be a real paranormal underlying factor here. This isn’t normal. I’m 23 and have been dealing with this since I was a kid. I don’t sleep well. I never do. Some nights im even afraid to go to sleep. Scared I won’t wake up. When I can’t breathe it’s almost like I’m taking my last breath. I don’t believe this is just something to brush off..I believe in being atracked be demonic forces.

  27. Ok I would love to believe that it is sleep paralysis. I’ve had this happen to me once in my life, except there are a few notable things. I was completely awake, the “thing” that attacked me was an orb, not a scary face from my subconscious, Catholic prayers started rattling off in my head (I’m not catholic and have never even been to a Catholic Church before that time, let alone a church in like 10 years), and when I was free from it all my phone wouldn’t work. The screen was completely white. The lamp next to my bed wouldn’t turn on. I would LOVE to attribute this experience to sleep paralysis for my sake of mind alone but honestly it just doesn’t explain enough of it. I have nothing/no one to thank but God. I was an atheist when this happened and this experience has cause me to turn around 180 degrees.

  28. I have been experiencing the same trauma since childhood. It is horrible. Too scared to lay on my back, as this only happens then. Recently it has happened three times, once two times in one night without me laying on my back. I have disciplined myself to just lay there and wait for it to pass so that I can breath again. Two nights ago this thing pulled me off my bed, and pulled me up in the air with my head down. I thought it was going to let go of me and let me fall on my head. It was holding my on my on leg. As I (most probably) woke up I was in bed again. I could feel it putting me in my bed again. My husband was still awake at the time, did not see or hear anything. I’m thinking that it is getting worse and I’m scared. Before I fall asleep I peep through my bedding to see if this thing is coming. Please can someone tell me what this is. I am scared..

    1. once upon a time it only used to happen while laying on my back too. now it doesn’t matter how i sleep.

  29. I’ve experience it, I’ve suffered, several time, the best thing to get rid of it is: You should pray to god before you sleep, it won’t choke you

    1. i pray n it stops.. Pray to JESUS because the dark spirit is trying to disturb the children of God,therefore you need to pray to Jesus For His name is sharper than 2 edged sword,Amen.


  31. The choking and paralysis is caused by a demon, and if you’re a child of Christ, you have the authority to command it to leave. I used to have to do this regularly, but it all stopped when I reaffirmed my faith as an adult and was baptized. Had I known that baptism was that powerful, I would not have delayed it for 6 months after affirming my faith.

  32. You need to say the blood of Jesus over and over if u can and if u can’t pray about it and sleep with a bible open and u need to read it so u can quote the scriptures of the lord God against Tht spirit in the name if Jess.its after you because u have a call from the lord on your life

  33. I was on vacation in Japan and in the middle of the sleep, i felt a strong arm grip around my neck choking me. The grip got tighter and tighter every minutes and i tried to look up to check the attacker but i could only saw a evil black figures like a demon trying to strangulate me. The demon dragged my whole body by the head and neck across the room to the door . I could hardly breathe as i tried to resist the attack. As i was about to gasp my last breadth, suddenly there appeared 3 white apparitions warning the demon to release the strangulation and attack . The demon stunned by the sudden appearance of the white apparitions released the grip and ran away. I regained my conscious state gasping for air and realized my tongue was protruding out of my mouth with saliva over my pillow. Nearby me ,was a Buddhist talisman against evil spirits which i had earlier on that day received from a 200 BC temple. I am not suffering from sleep paralysis.

  34. This happened once with me in my past when I was just 14. I think this happened with me because I was very much into these horror things. I was used to do this ‘waking all of a sudden at midnight with a loud scream’habit. That night I was all alone in my house because my parents were out of town. As soon as I slept I felt like the dream was being continued n I saw the same demonic apparition before me n somehow he started to strangle me with all his force..I was not able to breathe n I was actually trying to cry out for help but then I realised my voice was already gone, I tried opening my eyes cuz I knew it was a dream n I will get out of it once I open my eyes but they were so tightly shut that I wasn’t able to make it through. Atlast with all my force I just screamed at the top of my lungs n I finally woke up…but the worst thing was when I woke up I was taken aback to see my own hand on my neck..I was completely drenched in sweat n looked around cluelessly. That night I kept the lights on…idk if it was sleep paralysis or something else but I made sure to avoid myself getting indulged into any demonic things & trust me it really worked for me.

  35. At first it came in the image of some priest I know and had sex with me. By that time I was 17 and in a boarding school. Then it took a while and came back again in the image of other people I can’t remember and it did the same and from then I started getting this other weird kind of energy that would attack me while asleep either during day or night time. Something would come squeeze my stomach and make me unconscious, I would scream but no one can hear me, am so terrified and I fear staying in the house alone and I don’t have anyone to stay with, my family is so far away from me. I can’t see it in my dream because it comes like a spirit and when I command it in the name of Jesus Christ several times it dissappeares and I wake so terrified and totally week. This year I found someone and prayed for me and he told me that someone took my hair strands, nails and every thread of my clothes and that this person doesn’t want me to be successful in marriage or anything I do.I don’t have any enemity with anyone , I am only worried because one time my step sister told me my stepmom is a witch, could she be the one doing this or some other person? Because I don’t want to involve my mind into that witchcraft thing , it’s so common here in Africa . Am so worried now. In fact this spirit attacked me yesterday but one during night time, can someone please advice????
    Anyone with help inbox me


  37. Two nights ago I was sleeping in my bed I know I wasn’t dreaming but all I felt was a presence of someone in my room and I wanted to wake up when I felt an arm go across like it they’re going to choke me touch the side of my neck paralyzed me that I couldn’t open my eyes I gave up the struggle not even two seconds later I open my eyes and there was nothing there I have never experienced that I’m the type of person that wakes up quite a bit of time sometimes at night I have just been seeing shadows lately but that’s about it I ignore it what is this going on what can it be because it is kind of scary

    1. Juan Alfonzo Jinez

      It is Demon alien machines that have been apply into your human body, I know because their is one inside my body, but if you want to get them out of your body, just to let you know, the people that are responsible for those evil machines is Jehovah’s Witnesses….

  38. This has been happening to several members of my family, including myself. One time, the choking was so forceful, I ended up with “finger” bruises on my neck for days. Other times I would feel the pressure on my neck from the choking for hours after the “incidents”.
    Also, when in that sleep paralysis state, these “things” often come right up to our faces, almost as if they’re trying to kiss us …
    I’ve done a lot of research on this now, from many many many sources … and this is what I’ve discovered: our faces/mouths/throats seem to be a portal. These “entities” are trying to “hitch a ride” and come into our world as we re-enter our bodies and wake from the sleep paralysis. The “choking” is their way of not letting us leave the astral plane if we’re on the ‘other side” during the dreaming part of the astral travel. It’s serious stuff, it’s real … and no, it’s not just “sleep paralysis” in the medical sense. I get really annoyed when asshats say that … let them explain the finger bruises and the bite marks when we wake up (and no, we did not do this to ourselves).
    Religion has nothing to do with this, either, but if saying Jesus makes you feel better … have at it.

    1. It has to do with wave energy…we as humans have a lot of power bc of vocal chords in our throats. We can use our brains to change the universe through spoken word like the creator did at the big bang..these dark entities know this and want to silence the vessels that speak light and life. I’m 37 now and I am just beginning to understand a few of the many paranormal things I have experienced. At the end of the day I can honestly say the bad stuff has been allowed by my actions or by my circles of friends or family etc. Sometimes I feel It is a wake up call to our soul others a type of punishment and lastly and maybe most important I feel that some evil spirits are sent to us that know how to warn them off as a continuous reminder to evil that good will always prevail.

  39. This has been happening to me for probbaly on and off the last couple of years but has really grown and become a much more often occcurance within the last 6 Months, the last one happened last night to which i though enough is enough i need to research this to find out what it is. My first thought was a demon/ghost trying to kill/possess me. ive searched the internet and read about the sleep paralysis but like others have said i believe this diagnoses is a sceince way of explaining the unknown. I feel this is a Ghost/demon haunting me, trying to either kill me or possibly possess me. Like others have said i wake up and physically can no move a muscle, i can not breahe and cannot say a word, i try to call my girlfriends name but it wont come out. This lasts from 5-10 minutes, finnaly after trying for ages i can just about whisper some words and with that i manage to slightly move my hands and then couple minutes can move my body. It is extremely scary!! I haven’t seen anything i can think of as yet but can really feel a presence of something sitting on top of me and choking me. I was baptised as a child and do believe in god and Jesus but dont believe you have to attend Church everyday but live in Gods name and by his beliefs, after reading comments i am going to try speak gods/Jesus name to see if that helps warn off the entity. I find it really interesting how many people suffer from this, really isn’t pleasant so i hope all find peace.

  40. With your tounge draw a cross on the roof of you mouth

    1. That used to happen to me but if you draw the cross in the roof of your mouth it works

  41. hi,that is a condition called sleep paralysis.It has also happened to me a couple of times,and its damn scary! Youll think that maybe you are dead.Its a temporary inability to move or speak that occurs when you’re waking up or falling asleep.A sense of overwhelming fear can
    accompany the experience.But once you understand all about it,then,better.

  42. Jebi, It’s demons. These people who want to severe your closeness with Christ call it “Sleep Paraysis”. You need prayer, holy water, and blessed medallions. Find a St.Benedict and wear it. Remember all you know of life, your job, your daily motions..Your existence in your carbon based organic body is a test. Your soul is heavely sought after in an eternity spanned wager between good and evil, God and the Devil. And the Devil currently reins on Earth. Open your eyes, you have been asleep your whole life. Minimize your sin, pray for forgiveness​ and build your faith in Jesus Christ. The time of the second coming is near.

  43. So does it mean it is sleep paraylis, when your partners hand is the one that is choking you in your sleep, and you can see there hand choking you, but you no its not theres cause you see a tattoo of one of her family members that has passed away a long time ago, and the arm turns into a mans arm,and you have woken from your sleep (I mean fully awoken) in its her hand around my throat, but the hand prints left on my throat are bigger than hers, and the size of a mans..

    Really dont think its got to do with sleep paraylisis, if you have hand prints bruised into your skin when I looked in the mirror, and the feeling like someone really was choking the life out of me..

    People always think the doctors have the answers for everything, which in reality they dont, not when it comes to supernateral things, pills cannot help but make matters worse, ive seen alot of people get admitted to mental hospitals for things the doctors cant explain, and they come out from there treatment worse than when they went in there..

  44. Maria E. Bielecki

    Hello everyone. I bought this house 12 years ago. I suffer from insomnia so most of the night I am awake working, writing, cleaning, but since I don’t want to get addicted to sleeping pills, I try to take a nap one or two hours to recharge. During daytime while I was working on my bed I felt this very strong powerful force and it wouldn’t let me move. I couldn’t see anything and I knew it had to a spirit because he squeezed me really hard in the middle of summer and I was cold. I closed my eyes and said, I rebuke you Devil, in the name of Jesus get out of my house!! And immediately I saw this black figure flying out of the room. This happened to me maybe once a year for 4 years it would try to squeeze me and I couldn’t move a finger. All I could do was pray and it would go away. My youngest son used to start screaming in the middle of the night saying that something was in his room and My mother told me to get olive oil, pray and put it all over the windows and doors. For 8 years it stopped. And 3 nights ago something happened that I am still shacking. All my 3 kids are grown ups now and left the house so I live alone. It was 2am and as usual I was awake working on my laptop and all of a sudden I see this figure dressed in black with a hoodie but without a face moving in my room and It came to me and try to choke me. I really thought it was a thief until I started coughing really bad and I couldn’t breath so I tried to push him or her(whatever it was)away from me but this time I was able to move my hands and when I tried to push him I couldn’t push him. It was like cold air so I said I rebuke the Devil, get out of my room you Demon, in the name of Jesus!! And at that moment it disappeared and I turned every single light in the whole house. Don’t give me the crap that is sleep paralysis cause I was awake
    and working and not only my neck hurts but when my son and his friend came the next day( he is a nurse) he asked my what had happened to my neck and tried to take me to Emergency Room cause i had green marks all around it. Ok, so what was I supposed to say to the DR, oh a spirit tried to kill me!! No way I was going to end up in the psych ward!! The marks are almost gone tonight but my neck still hurts. I decided to sell the house a year ago and I’m moving out of state at the end of this month. I believe something bad, like a tragedy happened in this house years ago, the house is 80 years old. I’m going to the library to see if I’m correct. All my lights are on, my tv is on really loud, my bible is next to me and I put more anointed Holy oil all over the house again. I will whack anybody in the head that says it’s a darn sleep paralysis. It wasn’t a human what tried to choke me and I was very calmed and AWAKE, and the thing was still trying to choke me. I only told two sisters and one thinks it could’ve been a spirit that was just passing by, so wait a minute, is this a fricking motel for spirits now? I’ll be out of here in 21 days. If this thing comes back, it better be ready for me because I’m really mad!! I had to go out last night and I had to put a lot of make up on my neck so nobody would ask me questions. Evil exists, even in humans so evil spirits are no exception. I feel better now that I vented. Thank you for all your stories.

  45. I’ve had experiences for years where I wake up chocking on random objects or small animals and insects. It’s quite freighting because I wake up sometimes coughing trying to either get a Hymelick or spit out whatever got down my throat

  46. This is not sleep paralysis.
    I use to get this everynight i was use to it .
    It’s the worst feeling ever, you can’t move even if u try as hard as you can .
    I would pray alot till it stopped, went to church ask god to help me .
    It’s been over a year i stopped expiriencing that.
    Do the same .

    1. Exactly, i got them so much throughout the years that I taught myself how to talk to myself as this occured and force myself so move or wake up. It was extremely difficult and it was very small movements at 1st but a few times I threw myself away from the paralysis or whatever and awoke. They do say their is a scientific explanation but if that is so then why does praying before bed and after and episode bring such peace? Its got to say something.

  47. Last morning, before i woke up i was having a very weird dream.
    I was sitting on a park bench, mid day and it was OK.
    All of the sudden two horses came out of nowhere, sitting next to me, one on each side.
    At first it was strange, but they acted like humans, and after a short while we all acted like friends.

    Next they put their front legs around my neck and slowly started to choke me.
    Almost the second i felt like i was about to choke, i woke up.

    Never had this before. And i laugh about it now, but being stuck in a dream, and being aware of it while being strangled scared the crap out of me.

  48. This has happened to me at least 3 times in the past 2 years. Usually I cannot even speak even when my body is stuck. I know people talk about the medical term sleep paralysis but I honestly believe it is an evil spirit. When I finally am able to wake up, I will be in the exact same position I was in in my sleep and then I start praying. People who do not believe in the spiritual world will use science and medical terms to explain everything, but sometimes I think it is more than that.It just happened to me again last night which is the only reason I’m writing to you now. Hope you are sleeping better and keep praying!

    1. Absolutely Jess I agree with you. Prayer helps so much. My mom told me to do that whenever it happens and it helps so much almost instantly. I also know that when you awaken the presence lingers for a bit and it’s a very bad feeling. Just remember your not alone. I am always reminded of Gods power when I call on him. I use to get these so often after my ex husband and I separated that I was afraid to go to sleep. That’s when I finally told someone who said simply to pray as soon as this happens and since I started that I can honestly tell you that these terrifying occurrences have become much less!

  49. I too had similar experiences of female spirit choking my throat during sleep in the mid night or late in night 2-3 hours before dawn …It happened many times to me , say at least half a dozen times , first time when I was around 15 years old . and last time 15 years back . When the female spirit was choking my throat sitting on my chest , I tried to cry b, but my voice could not raise.Then I thought about God and at last the spirit left .I still remember that it was dark female sprit On one such occasion when I was struggling with the spirit when I was sleeping on terrace of a building , an elderly neighbor happened to notice my struggle in sleep and he shook my body and woke up me . A person who knew about spirits and ghosts on seeing me first time told me that a female spirit was after me .The reason he told is the female spirit belonged to a young lady who died in teens with unfulfilled desires and it selected me because i am very cute and handsome . You must believe that I have narrated true incidents of my life.

  50. Hello there, I had a similar experience twize while I was awake and once in my dream and I just told the shadow spirit to go back where it came from and it did

  51. This morning, I woke up to my alarm turned it off and fell back asleep. The next thing I remember, I was getting out of bed to go to the bathroom. I heard a scripture quoted to me as I walked past my bedroom window, but it sounded a bit cold and unfamiliar, which is not typically how God’s voice should feel to you. I remembered that Satan likes to immitate God but Corrupt what he immitates, to make good seem bad and bad seem good. So when I realized it wasn’t God speaking to me, I turned around to tell my husband what I had just experienced, but when I turned a saw a large dark orb by the window I had just walked past. It grew bigger than me and engulfed my room in darkness and I tried to yell out, but all the breath left my body and I kneeled to the floor (as I often do when I get dizzy so that I don’t pass out) struggling to breath and I heard my dog coughing uncontrollably. Finally, I realized that I was dreaming, and I sucked in a huge breath and started talking again. I immediately told my husband what happened and he held me. The puppy was fine, but it was scary all the same. Not sure if this is sleep parallasis or not, but I do no know that it’s something that at needs help.

  52. Hello im fre from belgium , one day i woke up and couldnt move and it was hard to breath then after 40seconds i could move again , i saw nothing that day , a few days later tough i woke up and i litteraly was being pushed down in my bed and being choked by a black skimmer floating above me , i couldnt see a shape or eyes i just saw something datk floating above me pushing me down in my bed then i snapped out of it , still dont know what happened that day ,.. grtz

  53. I had a similar experience:
    I woke up suddenly one night, choking and gasping for air. I could feel my throat close.
    Weird thing is, my hubby is a LIGHT sleeper. When i asked him about me choking, he said i didnt make a sound.
    I dont remember anything before or after..just that moment.
    Ive had other experiences of seeing spirit and shadow people where i sat up in disbelief, shaking my hubby to wake up. Look over and hes fast asleep. I could feel the hair on his arm…next morning i told him about it…and he said i never grabbed him, but i know what i saw was real and not dream. I am an empath so im sure spirit knows i can sense them.
    To this day, every night I envision a blanket of pure white energy draping over me. I still have astral experiences, but always feel safe.
    Good luck to you

    1. Hello, I am not trying to diminish your beliefs in what is occurring to you when you sleep, however, coming from someone that has experienced seeing “shadow-people” before, let me tell you that you are dealing with demonic activity. This is not something to be dealt lightly with. These dark, shadowy figures you are seeing at night are in fact demons. I have opened myself up to the paranormal after I thought I could communicate with spirits. I would see shadow people on the walls (they looked something like Peter Pan’s shadow that moved very fast). These are demonic spirits. This might come off as if I know everything, but these “spirits” are not good, and have no desire to help you. You need to pray to God, and ask Jesus to manifest himself to you. Pray to Jesus, and use his exact name the next time you see these shadow-people. I have seen them myself, and they are demons. This is not a joke, please pray to God to show you the truth about these “spirits” because they are not there to help you. I thought I was a clairvoyant when I initially saw these things, but that is not even a realm that you want to partake in. They will take you down with them if you continue to communicate with them. These are demons, and you need to seek Christ right now by reading the bible. Please take my comment seriously.

  54. If you have a heavenly language use it and it will leave.. I’ve had this happen where spirits are attacking me in my dreams and I wake up being choked. It leaves when u pray. Call on Jesus and it can’t do anything

  55. My sister cries very badly sometimes in her dreams.. it’s really scary. Few days my Mom told me that she felt some one was choking her in her dreams n it felt as if some dark smog has covered her face n she wasn’t able to move or shout for help. Just now nearly 6-7days after dat incident she is also crying scaringly in d middle of the night. I did shouted n woke her up ASAP.idk is it some kind of sleeping disorder or has something being haunting Mom n sis in der dreams.
    Plzz suggest any solutions.

  56. I had something like that happen to me last night. I woke up with a feeling of being strangled and I couldn’t move, it suddenly went away and I fell right back to sleep. But what freaked me out the most is that when I woke up, my door was wide open, nobody opened it.

  57. I’ve had a dream where I was barely able to open my eyes and I couldn’t hardly breathe because black smoke was entering my lungs a blend I don’t know what that means find me on fb if you can help

  58. that happened to me too.sleeping then i feel like i was being choked.i open my eye since i sleep with younger siblings they like to have a lamp on.i looked to see nothing.i looked at the wall to see a dark figure coming closer to my face.slowly i wasn’t able to breathe.i couldn’t move or yell.i kept trying to yell for help but it would stop in my thoat.after what 2 minutes i finally sat up.i was panting and my neck was kinda mom told me that there was only a bd sprit it happened to her as well when she was pregnant with my sister.i was scared to sleeping, hoping that the demon thing won’t come back

  59. I think it’s not sleep paralysis . Because I have been experiencing since last week.

  60. Hello,
    The other night I had awakened from what I believed to be a dream, but I’m afraid it’s something much more. In this “dream” I was being strangled with my head being pushed against the wall. I couldn’t move at all during the attack. Once I awoke from the attack, I was left gasping for air. I was dumbfounded. It’s seemed so real. My girlfriend was asleep next to me and I didn’t want to frighten or awaken her so I just tried to relax and go back to sleep. I fell asleep and again I felt as if someone or something was trying to strangle me. I awoke and tried to comprehend what was happening to me. As I laid there, I glanced to my left and saw something white, misty, and foggy floating in the air towards the ceiling which then quickly disappeared. I’ve had paranormal experiences my entire life. My twin brother and I had our first encounter with ghosts at the age of 6. The house we grew up in was very haunted, but with nothing evil. We saw family members who had past before we were born. I’ve never had a feeling of strangulation during my sleep so this has me concerned to as something evil. I’ve never been baptized. Please, anyone with any knowledge on this subject, help me. Thank you,


  61. Guys, some of this may be sleep paralysis, but a lot of you sound like you are being visited by demons. I’m advising caution. Demons, as well as angels are real beings.

    There is a place in the Bible where people used Jesus’ name to rebuke demons, but the demons attacked the person. The reason was, that Jesus did not dwell inside the person. I’m not here to condemn any of you, but I want to help.

    Jesus, a relationship with Jesus, who has power over demons, is the only way to keep yourself protected. The name of Jesus is powerful, but if you are truly His, then He will keep you safe.

    That being said, I have twice been in the presence of demonic spirits that I’ve known about. One was possessing my sister’s boyfriend’s mother and there was this dark, cold presence the moment she entered the room and the other was a very vivid dream in which a demon held my sister captive. In my dream I told the demon to release her in the name of Jesus.

    I believe the last was a vision of what has been keeping my sister captive for the past 20 years. She’s a drug and alcohol addict and can’t break free from the addictions and lifestyle.

    Please, I’m imploring all of you to seek out a real Bible-preaching church. Not one that preaches something like the prosperity gospel or anything else but the Bible.

    Listen carefully, Jesus may be trying to talk to you. By using His name some of you acknowledge that He is real. Talk to Him.

  62. I remember having a dream but in the dream I woke up in the middle of the woods for some odd reason I wasn’t scared something was making me walking it was dark & foggy with very tall trees I keep walking then I Came across a old farm looking house on the side of a lake I seen a dock there was a boat I looked closely then I noticed it’s a girl in a girl looking straight ahead at the water with her back facing me something makes me question her walk towards her then I put my hand on her she turns around in a blink of a eye choking me to death floating from the ground in her black dress she keeps choking me I wake up from my dream but something still holding me down I try calling my Brother I couldn’t say anything at all I could only see him I tried screaming my lungs out still couldn’t then it knocks me out back to sleep

  63. I completely understand what ur going through its happen to me but the best advice I have is that u have to pray and stay close to God and also keep a cross next to u or somewhere in ur room …And if u don’t know how to pray it’s in the Bible in MATTHEW6:9-13

  64. Demonic spirits are real… when I left home early one morning my wife was lying in bed in a dream like state, not fully awake. As she lay there she heard the front door open and heard someone walking down the hall towards the room. She opened her eyes and called my name, but heard nothing, so she closed her eyes again. Then she heard someone walk into the room, she opened her eyes and nothing was there. Again she closed her eyes and she heard and felt a presence walk next to the bed. She opened her eyes again and still nothing was there, when she closed he eyes something invisible grabbed her around the neck and started chocking her. She couldn’t speak or move. After about 30 seconds the Name of Jesus came to mind and she managed to say Jesus and immediately it let go and left the room. She called me and we prayed, I then mocked the devil
    and told him he was a joke for picking on a woman.

    About a week later my wife went to work early and I was home in bed just resting half asleep when I suddenly felt something small jumping on the bed by my feet, with my eyes closed I could feel the bed moving as this creature was jumping up and down, but I couldn’t see anything. Then it ran towards me on all four of its arms/legs and whispered some strange language into my ear. It spoke for about 10 seconds and then sank it’s sharp teeth into my neck and sent chills all through my body. I stood up and rebuked it in the name of Jesus and it left the room.

    My brother in law woke up a few weeks ago, went to the bathroom and then got back into bed. As he lay down he looked up and saw a dark cloud above him in the room. He said it fell on him and he was instantly paralyzed, he couldn’t move. He said there was a heavy pressure that came on him and something started choking him for about 20 seconds, he couldn’t speak but tried to say Jesus and then suddenly it lifted off him and he was fine.

    I know from our personal experiences and the people we have ministered to that have had similar things happen to them that this is not a natural sleep disorder, it’s demonic in nature. The enemy is making you aware that he is real, but if demons are real then so are angles… Jesus is the answer!!

  65. I’m going through this right now I’m currently expecting a baby and have other kids I just want help for myself and kids

  66. I keep having these I notice I try so hard to wake up and thankfully some how in my dream the only thing I know is no matter how hard I fight it nothing work buts my bf says he hears me mumbling and struggling at the end of dream and some how I mange to bring up god and it always goes away and I wake up. I think it’s certain meds they put me on from my personal experience

  67. I’m in hostel with 3 other roommates. I have not experienced it but , my other roommates all three have experienced such choking . We also find some scratches on the wooden cupboard, that we have not seen before. Some one please help us. Those scratches are real and none of us are lieing

  68. Your not alone. I have been having this for years. Sometimes more frequent then other times. I recently had a long stretch of about 5 months where I had no sleep paralysis involving a demonic presence but three nights ago I had a full on attack (being choked) by one of these presence. I woke up gasping with my head tilted back and I was sitting up making a choking noise when I woke up. I still felt the presence which always freaks me out when I wake so I prayed for about 5 minutes felt peace and went back to sleep. Sorry you have this, I have never actually met someone in person who i know has this happen to them like I do and if I mention to anyone most people think I’m nuts or must be doing witch craft lol which is far from the truth. I love God and don’t do anything involving any witch craft whatsoever. I have my own theories as to why this happens to me but I’d rather keep them for myself to know rather then be persecuted for my opinion.

  69. Also, it seems as if my son gets them once in a blue moon. I’m praying he grows out of it he’s too young to be having them. I began having these type of dreams when I was about 13. I never told anyone until I went online amd aaw that other people had them which made me feel better about sharing. So thanks for all of you sharing your stories maybe we can find some common link.

  70. I just recently expierenced it. I had woke up and checked the time it was 3:45. I dream i was going to the rest room i came back in my room and out of no where i feel like something was choking me with a wire there was no one in the room i was laying down trying to scream at the top of my lungs i tried to get up but i couldnt move i litterly felt like i was going to die right there i was struggling to get air but nothing i prayed and i ended up waking up terrified and crying. I felt the sensation of the wire still on my neck and i don’t know why this would happen to me its the first time i ever expirence this

  71. Just happened today, I could bet it’s not sleep paralysis as I could move both my hands and hold that hand like thing out of my neck and push it away with all my might, this took time, for some reason I was confident that I am not gonna let that choke me, I remember telling myself in my mind your not gonna choke me, m stronger I am stronger and so after continues game if strength for maybe few seconds or little more than a minute that hand pressing against my neck realized, if this experience of mine was sleep paralysis then how could I move my hand and hold something off my neck?? Although I could not utter a word it felt too real to be an hallucination. If anybody out there felt the same please respond. This just happened 15 mins ago.. and I am not ready to feel that again. Please respond ASAP.

  72. Hello dear friends hahahaha,very nice to see im not d only one faced such things,some called it sleep paralysis ,asleep ,sleep ,awaken at the same time,with all kinds of noises,sensation of choking you,doctors says its only hallucinations,i wish it was hallucinations,am 39 years old i know it and experiences it since child,but for the last 5 years it had become more violent and painful,no matter which side i sleep i face it,even fall asleep on the chair or sofa i faced it,its terrified,and i want to add one more thing this is not hallucination because even awaken i can hear,see,feel dis spirit around me,its an oppressor,a very stubborn demon,very annoying,the sound it make tik tik,or niak niak ,even it moves things in the house,my wife hear it aswell,almost every night,spiritual warfare me n the demons we fight,i have faith in Christ Jesus who strengthen me to fight against that spirit,it even came speak to me say he want to destroy me,Im asking the Lord for strategy to defeat da spirit over my life so as well i can help others,

  73. Put a safety pin around your mattress all four corners.the deamons are afraid of metal

  74. Hello all.
    It happened to me 2 nights ago. i felt i was dying. i could’nt breath, could’nt lift myself. i also could not remember any prayers butkept on saying Jesus. whatever it was kept me down, and when i woke up yesterday morning my neck and throat hurt. Also my daughter who is 15 years is talking to these imaginary friends, Paul and Bubbles. please advise on her situation as well. she’s special and was diagnosed with Williams Syndrome a few years ago.

  75. This is not paralysis. I am awake. EYES wide open. I am very very much aware of what’s happening. I believe someone is casting spells. They are bothering my bf as well. It has been happening 10 days to him and the last 3 days on me. First it started as a comforting squeeze than it became sexual, than it felt like being squeezed to death. My bf says he has visions and dreams and he hears my voice and the spirit sounds and talks like me..I believe someone is involved! A 3rd party.

  76. I got choked last nightin my dream i dont what it was but my neck still hurts from it. Its bugging me too. I might get sage to burn in the apartment.

  77. I’ve had experience with the dark spirits all my life as a child I remember. Seeing this one dark one threw my years it started sitting at the edge of my bed. As the years went on it would get closer and closer till it sat on my chest and groaned in my ear . It also sat on me downstairs and one time during the day even it tried to ya e sex with me . I felt his hands on my body for a week. Needless to say that day I left my parents home . I couldn’t take it anymore . But as a child I learned say the heavenly prayer over and over again or even the the name JESUS which at times was a fight to get out. I would be held down by a strong Force as soon as I said it the spirit would flee. I know what this spirit looked like as well Be was Dark Tall dressed in a Top HAT and wore a black Cape . Y the time I was an adult I was more mad then afraid. I have that gift . Don’t like it but I have it.

  78. This happened to me and I was able to pray in my dream for God to help and I awoke to see this 7foot tall dark masculine figure lower its head and walk away out of the room.

  79. I get this I have since child they say it’s sleep paralysis but what I’m getting that it is spirit trying to tell you something as your sleeping your not bad person but as you wake ask them to stand back and give you message if you feel it’s negative tell them you no the laws of the universe and you can not harm me..

  80. Sage the house and adl it to leave

  81. peoples sometimes are skeptical but reality is evil indeed exist, my experience is i feel how the spirit trying to crush my windpipe but i react fast am woke up breathless with heaviness in my head and also feel my energy drain, by the way i got the gift to see, hear and smell dead people but since growing also seeing negative denteties now i feel they torturing me phisical and mentaly i try everything sometimes they live me alone for a couples of days but then they start again, can someone tell me what can i do please

  82. This… I don’t believe it’s sleep paralysis. I myself experienced many stages of “sleep paralysis” such as being able to chew gum, look around different rooms of my house, being chocked, pressing on my chest, smiling, and even yelling at the demon that is provoking me in my sleep that ‘JESUS CHRIST IS MY LORD AND SAVIOR’. I woke up many times out of this horror with pressure and heat around my neck like someone WAS actually choking me. I had to call on Jesus in order to wake up! Go to church hun, this is not something where I’m forching u into religion, but Jesus is the only one that can help you, go to church, pray to him, read the BIBLE, follow In his way, dwell in his light. If you want Demons to stop tormenting you, then call on Jesus my dear. God is REAL, he can help you love, and take this from me, I’m 16 trying to find my way in this world, I’ve sinned of course, just like you God has a special calling for me, but it seems as if I was turning away from him, sinning, and that when today… this morning before Sabbath day church 4/27/19, I had “sleep paralysis”, woke up the same way as I described above. But the only thing that helped me to get lose was Declearing Jesus Christ as my lord and savior. I felt the grip around my neck tighten, but as I smiled, laughing at the dark figure I couldn’t see, and kept on declaring God, I was free from its grip and woke up. Thank you lord, and everything I said is TRUE

  83. The black figure was trying to act like it was my boyfriend. But I can tell it wasnt him and I couldnt move.

  84. i overdosed while doing ritual i shouldn’t have been doing jan 17 2007. i called out the Hebrew names of God, was kicking devils, breaking chains and prayed God to let me see. BAD mistake.The first one i saw ws the owl woman/lilith/night hag of isa 34/la senora of la noche/ whatever you want to call her.she jumped my head and i was immediately in murky fire and saw a stone wall, gates and 2 “light bulb” bright angels at the gate.1 looked puzzled to see me.
    i said Emanuel and God was with me, back i came & out the door i went. the next i saw was the hat man/devil. i asked what do you want? he looked up, then back at me turned and boom was gone,
    i looked down and saw no feet, and i was high…but my dog wasn’t he went after it.i went and put dust on my head and had a talk with Jesus. remember the movie ghost,when the guy got ran over in the street and was dead and the shadows came for him..oh it’s REAL,. put olive oil on your head,i sleep in front of a fan and say my prayers daily. I’m no longer afraid of them but I fear GOD! read Ezekiel 28:18 & rev 20 :7-10 out loud put olive oil on every door window or object including yourself. pray over water , write on paper YaHoVaH YaSHua dip it in the water add olive oil.
    don’t be afraid,believers are tokens of perdition. we scare them

  85. It’s sleep paralysis. Best way to tackle is to surrender and not oppose it. Stop struggling next time when you face sleep paralysis, instead observe it. Now instead of waking up in panic, be calm and aware in this sleep paralysis state, now you can start lucid dreaming, or imagine your body floating, and it might help you practice astral projection. It’s a wonderful experience. Take it as an opportunity, don’t be scared.
    I’ve experienced worst sleep paralysis experiences, like falling infinitely in a well, someone choking me, someone strangling me from back with my blanket, wet hands holding my leg and many more. I gained control over our negative thoughts by mindfulness meditation, and now when I face such episodes I don’t struggle or oppose it, I stop reacting to it with fear. Instead I become curious, and I was able to achieve astral projection, where I felt like I woke up from my body, and I could watch my body sleeping on the bed, I am able to lucid dreams and it’s just mind-blowing. Take this an opportunity and don’t see it as an horror episode. It’s all in the mind. And assuming spirits exist, they aren’t bad, our fear makes the experience bad. Goodluck

  86. Hey there, I moved to my house 6 years ago. I had a lot of crazy things like these happening even more wow scary. I had a weird spirit go inside of me I cried out to arch Angel Michael to disconnect me from this evil spirit, it goes right out, I cried out to God to get his fighting Angels to fight these evil spirits, I was so scared, I was the only one seeing these things. I read the bible out loud everyday I saged the inside outside of my house. Helped some. I found prayers on on Pinterest to protect my house and yard….I just realize that we have God with us every day. He is there to protect us we have to ask for his permission everyday I still get attached but you have to say prayers to protect us like the blood of Christ covers and protect us. We are gods children the devil is always trying to get us to go to hell. Trying to control us. We have authority in Christ to fight these things we don’t see. It is scary

  87. I have had a similar experience in 2018. I was fully woken up abruptly at about 3-4 a.m. in the morning which was unusual for a sound sleeper like me. I went to the bathroom and as I was standing I felt a strong presence of something evil and a strong sense of fear overwhelmed me. I immediately knew, in my conscience, that this phenomenon must not be of something biological. I deeply sensed that this should be of something spiritual. As I was peeing, I peeped over my shoulders just to check out if there was anybody standing behind me, even though I knew there should be no one. When I came back and sat on my bed, I felt an icy cold sensation all over my body and I quickly reached out for my old sweater and then switched on the room heater, nonetheless, the sweater and the heater did nothing to diminish the icy cold sensation. A while later, as I sat on the edge of my bed, I felt a weak choke over my neck and simultaneously felt something trying to get into the top of my head. At this moment, I managed to grab my New Testament Bible next to my bed and without a second thought I flipped it open and quickly started reading the very first verses that my eyes could lay upon – it was “Philippians 2:9-11” and as I read these verses my fear began to slowly subside. Then, I tried waking up my wife who was sound asleep. To my surprise, waking her up was surprisingly difficult this time. I was startled because she is a light sleeper and usually wakes up rather easily. By then, as she slowly responded to my nudges I immediately requested her to hurriedly pray for me. Half awake, she was staggered by what I had just requested her to do, but she prayed anyhow. Then, I demanded her to play the song “What a friend we have in Jesus” from my IPad. She was fully awake by then and she turned slightly nervous by what was going on with me. And as I held my Bible and continued to read the word of God, a deep sense of warmth covered my entire body, and the overwhelming fear and coldness around me subsided. I was amazed by what the Word of God can do! The word of God is indeed “alive and breathing” and that it has power over evil. This incident which I will never forget has proved to me that the word of God is true and that God certainly exists and Jesus Christ is indeed the Son of God and that He is the “Only Way the Truth and the Life”. We must repent of all our sins, carry our cross daily and follow Him. My faith in Jesus Christ has since grown stronger and stronger.

    Thank you for patiently listening to my story! God Bless You!

    Philippians 2:9-11 New International Version (NIV)
    9 Therefore God exalted him to the highest place
    and gave him the name that is above every name,
    10 that at the name of Jesus every knee should bow,
    in heaven and on earth and under the earth,
    11 and every tongue acknowledge that Jesus Christ is Lord,
    to the glory of God the Father.

  88. It’s probly someone trying to earn you about your future. Think back to anything that wasn’t you around the time that could effect your future. And pray.

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