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Paralysed with fear as I lay in my bed

Your Name: Jessika

My Story: I was at my friends house and we were going to bed. I was laying there waiting to doze off when I felt something sit down on the bed behind me ( I’m on the edge of the bed ) I tried to turn over to see what was on the bed and it was like i was paralysed with fear. I could not move or speak, I tried to say my friends name but nothing would come out. As I lay there the worst feeling overcame me, like all the happiness in the world was gone. After about 5 minutes the feeling vanished and I could move & speak… I dont know what it was but I’ll definitely be sleeping with a light on.

Updated: July 25, 2012 — 9:37 pm


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  1. HI when i was young i lived on a farm. and my mom was sleeping and this was the time i was like 4-6 and she would wake up and couldnt move breath and i did research recently i am now 12 yrs old and i discovered a spirit named “skinstealer”. This spirit can drain heart rate and take the breath of prey killing them. you are very lucky the spirit gave you peace i am 98% sure you were visited by a skinstealer a native american pissed off spirit so if i were you tell your friend to download a thermal cam on a ipod or iphone if he has one and try to catch it goodluck and stay safe

  2. I had this happen to me, not exactly but extremely similar, I heard something walk down the hall and almost like I heard it swallow, before it came into the bedroom, like drinking something I didn’t feel it sit beside me but I knew it was at the foot of the bed, I was on my stomach, and paralyzed! I couldn’t open my eyes and tried to scream or blurt out something, not even a sound…..after all the struggle I managed to move my foot just enough even though my body was still paralysed, I felt something on my foot as if some one reached out and drew an “s” on my foot with thier finger…….then what ever it was spoke, it was the voice of a young girl…20s maybe
    ” I just wanted to see what your room looked like”
    And I heard it leave, like feet shuffling across the carpet after it left I could move and finally open my eyes… was four am no one else was in the house and I’m scared to go to sleep tonight

  3. It’s called sleep paralysis, look it up, happens to me quite often

    1. Juan Alfonzo Jinez

      It is (not) sleep paralysis, look there is an evil force that hunts almost everybody and this evil force is an alien machine that has been apply into people’s body, maybe your thinking who has the ability to apply evil machines into people’s body, an that is a good question, just who do you think has the ability to read peoples minds, the devil can not do that, if you are thinking Jehovah god, you are correct, he is the only one that can read minds, and the only way he can do that is with the help of the evil alien machines that his servants apply into peoples minds that is peoples brains,,, let me ask you this,, how do you think that Jehovah god can hear your prayers???,,,, just how do you think he can hear your prayers???,,, you need to concentrate and think how can god hear our prayers,,, look I leave you with this so you can think about it, if you have any questions you can send me a message to my e-mail and that is: -or- you can find me in facebook just type the name Juan Alfonzo Jinez and you will see my facebook file,,, o.k. take care and god bless you, good bye….

  4. my daughter used to see an evil owl in a black trenchcoat at the end of her bed. This occurred on an almost nightly basis. She said she was awake, but couldn’t move or make any noise. it scared her very much. after seeing shrink, were told that it was called a Hyptonogic dream. Hope spelling is correct. Sort of like a lucid dream.

  5. About 5 years ago I had a dream of being in an older trailer at night with several people there drinking/smoking/partying. The interior of the trailer had a “dark” “unclean vibe. I had never been there in my awake life. I didn’t know anyone there but I remember thinking in the dream one particular man with waist length long dark hair reminded me somewhat of my ex brother-in-law. Suddenly in the dream this same character grabbed my arm and stuck in my arm a syringe with a “neon” green substance before I could react. In an instant we were outside the trailer. It was like I was in a lying down position and he was over me (him facing me I was facing up) except we were levitated about a foot off the ground. He had hold of my upper arms holding tight. We started “floating/flying” around and around the trailer faster on each loop. His long black hair extended out almost like long hair would look under water. His face looked evil. He held tight as I was frozen in fear. The dream ended. That same year in 2014 I developed a strange skin condition on my upper arms with deep wart like sores in the exact spot on my arms this character gripped me in the dream. I’ve been to several doctors that none have been able to diagnose. ????? Sores are still here today 07/22/2019 and will not heal. They itch and burn most days. No antibiotic prescribed has worked. No topical ointment has worked. No home remedy has helped. Nothing has helped and Doctors are telling me I am causing these sores in my head. Please. What a joke. Does anyone have a similar bizarre type story? Would love to know. I am 53 years old. I’ve had maybe 6 dreams in my life that were vivid and real like. This was the most vivid by far.

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