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Do these strange happenings mean I’m clairsentient?

Your Name: Rebecca

My Story: My story is about things happening at very significant times. My friend visited with her very newborn son,her mother died during the last few months of pregnancy. She placed her on on my lounge carpet, one of my lightbulbs dropped out a few inches away from him it was red hot . I couldn’t pick it up. It was daylight and I hadn’t had the lights on. We had been talking about her mother at this time .Another occasion my uncle had died in early hours of morning I didn’t know, my husband and I awoke to a loud bang , the mirror in our wardrobe dropped inside the wardrobe and broke in two, recently another death had occurred from something I had been involved in , my bathroom blind facia fell off around the time this person passed away unknown to me until later in the day. Am I clairsentient?

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  1. Sounds like an omen, so when something strange happens something worse happens. An omen can be seen as a sign so in your story you speak of death occurring around the times of strange events. Omens aren’t all bad there’s good ones too

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