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Was I a demon in a past life?

Your Name: Bella:

My Story: Hello everyone. I’m new to this and haven’t really had any strange paranormal experiences. The way my story is paranormal is that I have a deep innate feeling that I am closely associated with the paranormal; specifically demons. I don’t know how to describe them in any other way…just demons. This is strange, but ever since I was a young child I’ve felt like I was a demon in a past life. Not only that, I’ve across my whole life felt as if I was somehow “hindered” in this “human” life like I was supposed to have other paranormal powers…or something, I can’t explain it. My family is not super religious and never really spoke to me about demons or was paranoid about demonic possession. This is just a very deep feeling I’ve had my entire life that can’t explain the origin of. I’ve done a lot of research trying to find people who feel the same and have only found two on the internet who didn’t give very much information of how or why they might feel this way. I’m not super hopeful that I will get help on this website but if anybody has a similar feeling or has any info it would be helpful. I’m not mentally ill and lead a very, very (almost dreadfully boring) normal life. Well, thanks for reading this everyone.

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  1. I completely feel the same way, ever since i was a little kid. I would love to help you out any way I can, even though im still still trying to learn myself. you can email me if ya like, take care.

  2. That is very interesting……well to start your not crazy. Maybe a tad misinformed. You being a demon in your past life is highly unlikely. You would realize this if you were religious. Demons are souls after death who have expelled god, they did not chose god therefore their souls became demons forever in hell until escaping. You possibly were a mean, evil person in a past life…..find things you are easily senstative to this might indicate who you were……do NOT by any means attempt to contact a evil entity to figure this out please!!!! Evil and demons are NO joke. Paste the clues together yourself. Do not open doors. But try Seeing what makes you angry etc you might be able to paste together your past ethnicity as well as living. I do know a bit about this sorta stuff. I am very senstative to the supernatural/paranormal. I as a young child was visited by both good and evil entities…’s a curse as well as a gift. I have connections with those I lost yet at the same time those I don’t wish to meet….I ignore a lot but have experienced enough to know to NEVER mess with possible evil! That sends danger to you and those you care about so please do not. You were not a demon in a past life there’s no way. Probably just a mean person who hurt others but just redeem your soul now and be good 🙂 but please if you are or not religious demons are sweet talkers be careful. Don’t search to far its our past life for a reason meant to be behind us……

  3. Hello, I would like to help you I have had some supernatural experiences also and can relate to your feelings. I did not understand this before, like you, and no one could help me either but now I understand what is happening and I’m trying to help others but you have to hear what I have to say. Please email me at and reference your question in the email. There will be a lot of information but you will hear the truth which is rarely heard or understood and you will understand why.

  4. hey bella, hope you get this message in time. it’s the year 2013, so, ya you know.
    i’ve felt the same way too.
    so that’s makes another person on your list.
    when i was really really young i used to act strange and superior than others (not royally) i just felt i had so much power, and sometimes even will to Fight demons myself for apparently i was stronger… .i feel demonish – but demons are a very negative energy, and i’m sure you don’t give off such energies. i’m sure you give off subtle, calm and relaxing/fun type energies….

    i used to have a lot of nightmares, and night terrors – where you’re awake and you think you see things, you think things touch you or try to grab you, push you or chase you. and i always felt it was a very dark, black essence. i used to curse at people when very young, for if they did something wrong or something i didn’t like i’d kind of “hex” them so to speak…. in a sense, though.
    i also thought for the longest time <> so i thought if i played nice and was actually kind to them they’d be a friend to me…

    But i must warn you that recently i have seen exorcisms and i have communicated with demonic spirits. They will not change if you believe they wont. and they, for Sure, love evil. it is their main priority. so as Littleirishone (up above) said, do not by any means try to communicate with them.
    they are of a different form, they are of a race other than ours and exist with complete fullness just as your microwave does…. .they are mean, cruel, and only lonely in their minds for they know there is many of them.
    so stay away.

    finally, i can mention, that perhaps you were not a human in your past life (don’t go all crazy and pick and choose what you think you are because you like it now.. let your soul and gut feed you truth – – meaning listen to your instincts, not your heart) but perhaps you were of another race. *or as the media calls them, aliens*
    here :

    from your own further research you’ll be able to calculate much about your self.
    try searching your birth natal chart… and cool things like that that give you a sense of safety or security

    Good luck ! peace be with you ~

  5. oh no, where the thingy is i meant to say *but they cut me off* – that i could be friend with demons, Not the people. icky.

  6. I know very little about evil spirituality, but I too feel like I may actually have been a demon. For no apparent reason I have a strange connection with dark things, I can’t explain it. I used to be a star child, good at sports, acedemics and everything in between. But now I just feel evil like I should be looking out for only myself, sometimes it feels like I have abilities beyond human normality.(I don’t) Inside me I feel like I am not me, I often respond to the name Tyron (which I am using as an alias for privacy reasons), and if someone asks me what my name is I often have to keep myself from saying Tyron… I have a wierd fascination with morbid subjects and anything supernatural. I feel at ease in the dark, where I can see nothing, I just don’t know why any of these things are here. I am a social person and I love my friends dearly. Someone once told me this could just be an indication of me having a strong connection with who I was in a previouse life but I need someone to guve me their opinion. I just want to know of I am a paranoid teenager (hopefully) or is there something wrong with me?

  7. please email me i have to speak to you privatly its about me becuse i might be going through the same thing as you

  8. Look for darren lovegrove from telford on facebook. He can help u.xx

  9. I might have a few answers for you email me at

  10. Let me start by saying im in fact a reincarnation of a demon. Yes.. i sound ridiculous right? Anyway its the truth. I understand its highly unlikely but i know this is 100% true. To begin growing up i saw things at a young age. Spirits, shawdows, things of that sort. The one i vividly remember was a small black figure that would always run back and forth in the hallway outside of my door. I never thought much of it as a kid, i didnt get scared or freaked out. I played it off as the darkness or my imagination, but as i grew up i developed an obsession with the paranormal and supernatural. I dwelled my way into dark magic and found spells about demons and ways of summoning them. Now let me just say i have no idea what persuided me to do such thing but i did one of the spells, it was a chant. Now before i go any further let me just say before i ever did the chant. I often have thoughts that i felt as if werent mine and heard voices from time to time as along with seeing figures. Ive never been diagnosed with any mental illnesses so i dont think im insane. But after the chant things did feel not different but lets say more intense. And further down the road when i met a friend we’ll call him E, well when i met E and we became best friends i would often go to his house alot and me and E and his dad would all hangout. Now at the time i was probably around the age of 14-15. Now E’s dad was very big on the paranormal and supernatural and he has had many experiances and has even had relations with an actual witch. No im not lying, but anyway in a nutshell he is very educated on the subject. By this time i was convinced i had a demon attached to me, and one night i was over at my friends E’s house and we were hanging out shooting pool and playing darts in what we like to call E’s dads “mancave” and i caught E going through my phone and i have no idea why but it set me into an absolute rage, i ended up leaving the house for a few minutes. Now just so you know this was very late at night. Probably 1 am, so i leave and walk the road for a little and come back to find myself sitting in the basement by myself. E’s dad came down and saw me and attempted to talk to me about the incident but i was unresponsive, i honestly didnt feel as if i was in control or if i was even myself. But E’s dad knew about the demons attached to me and when he came down to the basement he told me he saw 3 spirits behind me. (He told me that after this happened) he knew i wasent myself and began to attempt what id call a exorcism of sorts to get the demons dettached from me. When he did this the demons behind me threatend him and told him to stop what he was doing or they would kill him. E’s dad made me leave after the attempt to remove them. He didnt feel safe with me there and didnt like the vivrations i was giving off, later on when i was able to return to E’s house me, E and E’s day messed around with a spirit rock. If you dont know what a spirit rock is, its basiclly like a Ouji board expect you can only ask yes or no questions and its alot safer than a ouji board cause it dosent act as a portal to spirits, so we asked if the spirits attached to me were because of the chant i did, the rock answered no, we ask if it was connected to my childhood, it said no. So here i am with no answer to my problem, but with recent discoveries i have found my answer, i researched signs of demonic possesion and other sorts to attempt to 1. 100% know that i have spirts attached to me and 2. To get an exorcism done. What i found wasnt so great… ive started to communicate with the spirts attached to me with a ouji board, the first night me and my other friend who has demons we will call his Chris, so me and chris start to use the ouji board and things start off pretty slow. But then we connect to a spirit, we ask the spirit if its from the moon or the sun and it says moon, we than ask what its name is multiple times but it keeps saying HKTP, we then ask it if its one the spirits thats attached to me and it says no, after a few more questions that are irrelevant the spirit said goodbye to us, the next day we used it we got a quick response from the board, unlike last time, we asked for the name first and it said HKTP i asked if it was the same spirit and it said yes, i then asked it how many spirits were attached to me and it said 4, now i was shocked when it said this because i only knew of 3, i then asked it again if it was a spirit attached to me, this time it said yes, i asked if it meant me harm and it said yes, now since i felt very strongly that i came from a different world and that im a demon or something unhuman i asked it if before i was a human if i came from anywhere else and it said yes, i asked where and it went to the moon, i then asked so am i from hell? It then said yes, i asked if i was a reincarnation and it said yes again, i ask the spirit what i was and it said a khing i asked again due to the spelling and it said a king this time, i asked it what i was a king of and it said hell, i asked if i was the only king and it said no, i asked if i was more powerful than most and it said yes, curiosity got the better of me and i asked who is the most powerful king and it said the devil,i continued to ask about the kings of hell and how many there were and i ended up finding out im one of 12 kings of hell, i then i was very currious as to how this spirit knew all of this and why it would be open to tell me, i decided to ask the question “are you my queen?” And then the spirit said yes… i asked her if she was attached to me and she said she was, i asked her if she wanted to hurt me and she said she did, i asked why and only got the response cheater, i asked her if she would visit me in my dreams and she said no, i could keep going on and on with what i asked but the information i found is that i have 4 demons attached to me, i found out that im a reincarnarion of 1 of 12 kings of Hell and that my Queen wants to harm me for me being a cheater. Im a trapped soul in a mortal body waiting for my escape, but i did ask her some questions that make me feel uneasy when i got the response, i asked her when i die if i will return to my throne and she said i would have to go through her when i die…

    1. Mr. Noname…i m very intrigued y your story.. i want to hear more of it. Can U send me an email.. my email id is

  11. I am also the reincarnation of a demon.Most of my memories have returned.They started coming back when I was in 6th grade but when I was little I used to see many spirits.And I understand what you mean after being a demon you really start to miss your powers.When I was a demon I was a higher rank than most.But more than that I was a warrior.I took part in more battles than I can remember.Most other demons looked down on me and hated me.Because the day I was born my parents died because of me and I somehow got cursed.My uncle a very powerful demon told me that he nor anyone else knew a way to release me from it.I then became a warrior to fight to forget it all my pain,my situation.And I stupidly thought if I fight for all demons maybe they wont hate me or look at me like a freak anymore.But again and again I was met with disappointment.Even If I was the strongest warrior from hell.I was nothing but a monster to them.Even if I was the princess of hell they didn’t care they threw there harsh words at me for 1,000 years.I only had 2 people on my side.My big brother the prince of hell and the king my uncle.I technically was the princes cousin because my father was the kings older brother.I started to wear a mask of fake emotions just to not let my brother and uncle worry about me.Every day I had to steal from the kitchen unless it was once in a blue moon that I ate with my only 2 remaining family members left.After all that I couldn’t bring myself to hate my mother or father I just blamed myself for being born.I blamed myself for killing my parents.Because I was technically a demon but I really wasn’t.I was the result of a pair of species that were never meant to mix.I was a fallen one as they called me.The result child of a demon and a human. If any of you have questions about the demon world this is my email please don’t send if you don’t believe.

  12. So I had a bit of a spiritual awakening past night and remembered previous life as a demon. But “demon” is just the best human word to describe it. I am a spiritual being of the infernal realm but not “evil” in the way people typically associate demons with evil. My wife and I are spiritually bound and she is herself a high ranking demon while I am what could be best described as her protector. From time to time we like to take a human form as many spirits do. The reason so many have trouble remembering their past lives is because it’s kind of a rule enforced through shame. Entering mortal life with your memories intact is kind of like “cheating” and it ruins the purpose of taking on that form.

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