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A five year haunting forced us to move home

Your Name: Natalie

My Story: When my family first were told we were moving, we were all very excited. On the day before moving, I went into the empty house to straighten up and prepare for my family to move in, I wanted to take another look around, before the kids came over and everything got busy.
As I was walking around the house, I heard footsteps upstairs, I shouted up the stairs but no-one answered. I went up and looked around and one particular bedroom felt very cold. I felt uneasy and left the house to return the following day with our furniture and the rest of the family.
About a month after moving in, I felt very depressed, there was no reason to, everything was good, my husband was working and the kids seemed happy. But I just couldnt shake this feeling of depression, anxiety and fear of something bad happening. Things started to happen slowly, cupboard doors in the kitchen would all open and close on their own, footsteps would be heard every morning around 2am, and things would be moved from one place to the next. The kids would not sleep upstairs, because they said they felt an overwhelming feeling of being watched in their rooms at night, and toys would be moved around.
So as time went on, we all slept downstairs, one night I was in the living room with the kids sleeping around me, my husband was working. I looked up from the tv, and there staring through the glass window of the door, was a young girl. She had long blond hair, very pale and was wearing something white, I could just see the top of her shoulders.
The young girl continued to manifest herself infront of my eldest daughter during the day and night, and in front of me and my husband a few times.
My depression became very severe and I couldnt stand being on my own in the house. I felt like I was being dragged down by something everyday, and became suicidal.
Then, one evening, my eldest daughter came downstairs very frightened and said she had seen an old woman laying in her bed. She explained the air had turned very cold and for a moment she could not move with fear. On the same night, I was dragged across my bed by my ankles whilst going to sleep. The same thing happened to my daughter.
The haunting continued in the five years we were there, and eventually we had to move.
It was a frightening experience for us all.

Updated: September 3, 2012 — 8:47 pm


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  1. Natalie,

    I would very much like to chat with you regarding the haunting. I am a producer for two paranormal TV shows and I’m very interested in your old home. Also, are you experiencing activity in your new home? Could you possibly put me in contact with the new owners of your previous home. I’d love to talk further.

    Feel free to shoot me an e-mail to discuss.

    All the best,

  2. Sounds fake to me. You went to the house to “straighten up” ? Odd. Most people who buy a home spend time replacing and/or renovating before they move in if it’s not a custom built home to begin with. People don’t exactly go around buying homes many times in their life time so they baby their new purchase. You seem to have left that out – may want to improve on your creative writing skills.

  3. Steve we are on this site to be able to tell our stories, what we saw or had experienced. Your comment was negative towards her story, just because she may of done things differently when she moved into her house then you would of doesn’t mean it’s fake. I think people need to keep their negative comments to themselves, you know the saying” If you don’t have something nice to say, then don’t say anything at all”. Please try to have respect for other peoples feelings.

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