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Precognition, Time distortion, Out of body experiences, Disembodied voices and UFO sightings.

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My Story: My initial memories of a lifetime of these type of experiences are from my childhood and early 20’s.
These events were strange and extremely varied during that period including what I would now term, Precognition, Time distortion, Out of body experiences, Disembodied voices and UFO sightings.
In the Late 1990’s, myself and my then girlfriend (Now my wife) moved into our first home together. To say things escalated in regards to my experiences at that point would be a major understatement.
Not long after moving in a Jigsaw puzzle box was flung into the air in the living room about six feet away from us whilst we were watching TV together; from that moment on until we left the house all sorts of frightening and incredible events occured.
Bright light pouring through the walls of the house in the middle of the night and sleep paralysis, unknown people talking, furniture being moved, I once bumped into someone / something that wasnt there in the living room and when I reached out it felt cold and hard (like metallic) and then it was gone. On one occasion Something hit me in the chest, although I think I walked into it rather than it hit me, this was also invisible but could be felt.
Our home was broken into several times but nothing was ever taken, Early one winter morning I leaped out of bed as the house alarm had been triggered to find everything in the kitchen going crazy; appliances, kitchen doors you name it all rattling and opening and closing it was just mayhem. In the end it all happened so often we got the alarm disconnected as the neighbours were beginning to lose their patience with us and I did not blame them one bit, but what could I tell them? The final straw came when we brought our first child home from the hospital and the events intensified. That was it. We sold the house and moved to the outskirts of the city. Thankfully to this day there have been no more experiences of any kind apart from the occasional deja vu or lost set of keys, I often wonder whether the experiences stopped because we moved as I had them for many years prior to living in that house or that I became too old for whatever purpose i previously served for whatever was going on. I am now nearly 50 years old and thankfully live a much more sedate existance, I like sometimes pretend it all never really happened, but I am only kidding myself.
It was real alright. But also thankfully now in the past.

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