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I felt a hand touch me from head to foot

Your Name: Missy

My Story:  Hi, so this is my story. well it just happened last night, the thing is i was sleeping im not a person who every night gets a good sleep almost of nights i just cant sleep i dont know why but anyway this is what happened last night. i go to sleep at 10 i think like every night i woke up and i felt somehing like i dont know how to descibe it but it was like a hand touching me from my feet to my head and againg but it was to fast then i take my phone to light up it was 4:38 a.m. there was no one but me in the room then i think i was dreaming or something like that i tryed to sleep againg but at that thime was to hard to get it when finally was falling i heard two noises so so laugh like if two cars crash inmediatly i go to see if outside was a crash my mom is out of tow and it could be her that was the first i though but i never saw anything i cant explain where that noise was coming from so i return to bed i sleeped and woke up at 5:38 exacly so weird that 1 hour befor the same thing happened. i dont know if ill can get some sleep tonight. wish me luck ill keep you in touch if something else results to this.

Updated: September 12, 2012 — 8:43 pm

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