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I would dream my events of Importance before they happened

Your Name: Dylan

My Story: From the time when I very little up until now I have had paranormal experiences. Around the age of five I would dream every night of me leaving my body and not remembering where I was. Only that I would fall into my body again. Not to mention the nightmares of a black hooded figure looking at me from the end of my bed. My parents, also said I would sleep walk. Some nights I would go into the living room and mumble weird sounds and words. My parents thought this was a little strange at the time but thought nothing of it. Then at the age of nine my family moved into a new home.
First time I walked into this house I felt very cold and alone. And that I was being watched by an unknown force. I continued to walk upstairs, to what would be my room. Empty as it should be, I walk in and go towards a closet in the room. To the left there was an old model of a ship. I reached out and touched it, and then I started to feel anxious. I didn’t like this so I put it back where it was.
First two months I slept In that room, and still slept walk down stairs. Consistently mumbling and making weird sounds. I started to have strange dreams after this. Dreams of big machines and red setting that seemed alive and malicious. Then I started to have dreams along a violent nature. Being thrown around In my room, Wall to wall. I was very angry and yelled at this force In my dream, In turn It yelled back as I felt wind streaming across my face. Paralyzed with fear and teaming with anger I wake up In a cold sweat thinking the worse Is over. When a black hooded figure was standing In my door way. I ran over to It. Scared, but filled with anger and hate I attempt to rip It’s cloak off. And the many times I tried and no matter how hard I tried, It didn’t work. I then wake up again realizing It was another nightmare.
I was now scared to sleep at night, A ten year old boy, Oblivious of the further horrors I would experience. Even though these occurrences were frequent and consistently growing In Intensity, I was still the normal school boy of the third grade.
Next summer, As a fourth grader I grew attached and curious to these happenings. I would sit In my bed at night, just waiting for the next experience to take It’s hold of me. Acceptance of that fear drove me to provoke this force. To show only a dominate nature as I longed to sleep peaceful. My dreams now got stranger and less vivid. Smells, Tastes, and touch felt very real. Four walls and an Incline that was the frontal view of my roof twisted and warped before my very eyes. Even my very being was being tossed around and shrunk, As well as enlarged. At times It was a small room that claustrophobic symptoms was equivalent with manic behavior. Then at other occurrences my bedroom felt as It stretched for miles around and cold to the touch.
This lead to me vandalizing my room. Burning my walls, Ripping off the sheet rock, smashing eggs on the floor, And throwing objects. From the pain I get off this room only creates revenge and loathing.
One summer night, My cousins and I were playing playstation In my room. It was raining and thundering out, Seemed like the perfect setting for another paranormal occurrence. Lightning struck as the power goes out. And In that moment, The sound from the game did not stop. Whispering and screeching surrounded the room, Enough sound to make the ear bleed.
About two weeks later, I had another experience. One that I remember to this day perfectly. Now as I lay In my bed I begin to feel very hot and uncomfortable. This feeling of unease was rising, and my skin started to itch as If bugs were biting me. Sounds are now being heard from downstairs. Fire crackling as swords clashing with screaming, yelling and groaning now plagued my mind. I quickly went under my bed screaming for my dad. “Go away!” I said. Nothing happened as It grew louder and louder. Finally I muster enough courage to run over across to open my parents’ bedroom door. Then it stopped. My parents seemed concerned because I was explaining to them that there were people down stairs yelling, when they heard no such thing. Momentary I felt so alone and exhausted to what just happened. My very existence seemed like a play toy designed to provoke fear and hate, only to survive.
I am now In grade eight. As my teen years begin to define them self, I can’t help to wonder what’s causing my experiences. My attraction Is now an obsession, as my emotions take away my Individuality. Nights of no sleep kept me calm and content as It’s purpose was to escape the hell of fear. As was Isolation to avoid social anxiety and stubbornness to avoid a possibility of pain. Another experience I had was hearing my parents screaming down stairs. I run down to only find my mom doing the laundry and my dad cooking food. I said “Why were you two yelling?” they reply “We haven’t even said anything.”
Later during the year I have my first hospitalization, for depression. It was one of the most peaceful times In my life. Simply because I wasn’t living In my house at the time. No responsibility, and no more fear. Until my freshman year of high school.
School was like hell. Imagine being blind folded at the bottom of mt. Everest, climbing up to half way then falling down to the bottom. This Is what It felt like every day at school. So I escaped my sophmore year, and returned to the hospital. Faking Insanity was just digging myself a deeper hole, only In essence to escape the emotions that destroyed my originality and the ability to achieve motivation. The easy way out was either to walk through fire or drown In a sea of mistakes and deception. This was my life. And I fought to keep It that way.
Drugs were another outlet, designed to commit the perfect crime In self Indulgence and narcissism. My friends at the time held on to this as a part of life, Ignorant to the face of deception and Hanus acts that one of them would commit. This lead to my first experience of foresight. In my dreams I was being killed by my friend. He was In my room beating me viciously with a bat. Two years later, He Invades my home and attempts to kill my whole family with a baseball bat. Even before my home Invasion I had extreme Da je vu. And would sometimes even watch myself In third person. I knew what choices lead to my foresight I dreamt of every night, as It lead me to change my prediction just to prove my sanity. But this did not work, for I would dream my events of Importance before they happened. As I still do today at the age of twenty.
I even told my friend that Invaded my house this before he committed that act. My words to him were as follow “Phil, I know almost a year from now I will do something amazing. But you, will not. It’s because of you that I do this act, and I want you to be apart of It.”
Please, any feed back Is greatly welcomed. Let me know If I’m not alone. My paranormal experience’s are all told above.

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  1. Thank you for sharing very interesting

  2. Thank you for sharing very interesting

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