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I will never forget the hauntings on my farm

Your Name Aedan

My Story: I was very young and i lived on a farm. I will never forget the hauntings there. I remember a few here’s the most freakiest one. I was young probably 3 at like 2 am each night i would wake up my parents and say “mommy daddy window face” and point to my room. “By the time they got up and went in and turn the lights on and inspected etc nothing was their. I dont remember this i am now 12 but heres what i do remember seeing. Me and my dad would stay up till like 3 am every saturday and watch movies in the living room. He would fall asleep and i would look out of a big window at the sky. I remember looking into the driveway it was a big driveway. A grimreaper figure/shadow would walk around with a scythe. my pap would come every morning at like 6 and feed all the animals and he would prepare food in the farm house basement :as typing this i get chills: He would smell perfume and large gusts of wind would make him trip or spill the food. Also my mom would wake up very late and couldn’t move breath talk anything! i did research and discovered a skinstealer which is a native american shaman spirit. and guess what last yr we figured out our farm was built on a native american bluff!

Updated: September 19, 2012 — 6:02 pm

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