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Can a good paranormal experience clearly feel aggressive?

Your Name: Emmy

My Story: I have always been able to sense bad atmospheres when walking into houses and have always been told I got “powers”, even if I don’t want to have.

Either way I have experienced a lot of creepy and weird stuff, mostly bad energy that completely drains me. I have also seen a older man in my side vision and on two occasions someone whispering hi Emmy when I have been completely alone. I’m constantly watched by something, but not something bad I feel.

But the one occurrence that has affected me the most was in my grandfathers home. He has lived in this home since he was born and so of course, his parents lived there since their 20s. Embarrassing as it is, I have never seen a picture of my great grandmother – I was looking at some pictures and saw one of her sitting on a chair and smiling. I found this odd because I have always been told she was very strict and never smiled at anyone.

Later that day we were having breakfast in the garden, we were only 4 including me and everyone was sat outside. I went upstairs to get a sweater in the room I was sleeping. I sat down on the bed and leaned my back towards to wall. Then it started banging, as if someone was banging a hammer on the other side of the wall. I could also feel the vibrations. When I turned to look at the wall. It stopped. I didn’t think much of it, thinking that one of the others was doing something there. But I realised when I came out that they were all sat outside eating.

Now this room is the 2nd last down the hallway and no way could anyone have walked past me to prank me or something.

Then later that night I went up again to get my phone when I heard a metal type grinding noise behind me. I was stood facing the window, facing away from the door. When I turned around I saw to my suprise the chair that I had seen my great grandmother sitting on in the picture. It was inside this closet so not apparent or something that stands out. Due to the angle you walk in to the room you would not notice it usually.

I was 100% sure then that it was my great grandmother who was doing this and I definitely found it uncomfortable. I have to mention that this house has always drained me of my energy and I have experienced minor stuff here before.

My mother knows a “experienced” psychic who visited and she said that it was just my great grandmother wanted to be seen. But I am so sure that it was not something good she was trying to say. The feeling and noises was aggressive. I can feel when it’s not, and when it’s not aimed at me. But this was for me ONLY. I have heard running and other sounds as if someone was there, but didn’t try to make any specific contact.

When I told the others, they all got very scared. Especially my uncle who has also experienced a lot of stuff like UFOs, ghosts, spirits or so he says. He left there the same day because of it.

I don’t even want to believe in this but I have to question it when I experience things like this.

Anyone else experienced something like this but has been told it was good when it clearly feels aggressive?

Updated: September 23, 2012 — 7:08 pm

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