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Is my dead father trying to communicate with my mother?

Your Name: Marianne Searing

My Story: My father passed away last November. My mother woke up early one morning just recently and while laying in bed she said she could hear a phone ringing. she said is sounded like a phone in the distance. She thought maybe it was the neighbors phone. her windows were closed. The phone rang and rang finally it stopped. She thought finally someone answered it. Then she felt a cool breeze brush her face. Mind you no windows are open and the furnace or air conditioner are not on. Could this be my father trying to communicate with my mother?

Updated: September 26, 2012 — 9:40 pm


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  1. People all over the world always wish they could speak to their late ones,but it has become a reality because of the great work of Doctor Kelvin,of helping people to speak wit their dead ones.His email address is helped me to talk with my late cousin.ate dad

  2. Dont wake the dead frm their eternal slumber ul see them soon enough..4 what comes may not b them! I have felt the same breeze often he has sent u his guardian angel..while he sleeps in waiting xx

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