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Why am i always so cold?

Your Name: Holly Tuck

My Story: Why am i always so cold?

I am an empath and i have found that I am always really really cold, it is confusing. A friend told me that being cold means that a spirit is trying to contact you. Is it true? o you have any advice? if so please tell me i would really appreciate it.

Updated: September 26, 2012 — 9:33 pm


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  1. Well it could be but aside from that medical conditions such as anemia can make you feel cold all the time. Look into it and see if you can explain it with that first, if not, then I suppose it could be spirits.

  2. If you’re sensitive to emotional energies, do you find yourself trying to ignore some of them or block them off? I find that trying to block emotional/auric energy flows also blocks off vital energy so that it doesn’t have ease of flow to the extremities, causing coldness when others don’t feel that cold.

    If it is spirit presence, they say it’s a sudden, inexplicable, freezing cold that either comes and goes or is limited to one room or area.

  3. Hi, I am an empath too and I am constantly feeling cold be it in an airconditioned room or outside where the temperature is cold. I am anemic and I feel its more due to medical conditions.

  4. Hi i am always cold every room feels cold to me in my house mostly behind me or at the side of me , My mum hired a medium and he told her to tell me not to worry it’s just the dead basically , But i have had weird things happen , I have smelt things that no else can smell , I have saw a ghost before , And since saw 3 orbs i guess you call them all blue , My first one was in my room , The second one was in my sisters room and the last one i thought i saw in my dream so it might have just been two .
    My grandad told me that demons pretend to be the dead and are really evil but he believes in god so……?
    I have no idea what to do i have had dreams which felt to real , Example i had one were i watched a ritual from start to end .

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