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Could the black figure in my bedroom be a guardian?

Your Name: Lauren

My Story: I have experienced things, felt things, and seen things ever since I was little. But this experience didn’t happen TO me but only happens AROUND me. So when I was younger I would have bad dreams and I would ask one of my older brothers to come sleep in the bed with me. One night when I was about 5 or 6, I asked my oldest brother to sleep in my room and he did. Later on that night, he said he awoke to a black figure over him (mind you i”m sleeping in the bed right next to him). He says that the figure began choking him and he was trying to scream and wake me up and yell for my parents but he couldn’t move or speak. He says he knows he wasn’t dreaming, it was as real as anything else he’s experienced. The next day he told me and my family about his experience, and til this day he will not stay in my room. I am now 21 years old and when my brother stays at my house he has seen the same black figure but only around my bedroom, outside of my door, never anywhere else. But whatever it is has not threatened my safety or made me feel uncomfortable. Could be a guardian??

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  1. Hello, after reading your account, i have to say that no guardian would attack anyone. It seems you have a jealous spirit with misguided intentions. Spirit guides are there to help,advise, and generally inspire us to lead a spiritual life, and recognise we are never alone. If you have questions i suggest you attend your local spiritualist church for answers. The house you live in may have spirits that are earthbound, and need help passing over.hope this helps. Gabby.

  2. I’ve seen the same thing. I’ve heard stories of the same thing. When I was about 7 or 8 years old, my mother and I had moved out of my grandmother’s to attend a church my family did not agree with. (I’m a theistic agnostic, but I come from a very strict Catholic family) For the first few weeks we slept on an air mattress together since its all we could afford at the time. One night I woke up with a cold sweat. I wasn’t drowsy in the least bit. I was wide awake and could see a black figure standing over us. It didn’t touch me but I could feel its intentions if that makes any sense. I felt its presence in the room. Everything was totally silent, but it was like a screaming silence. I honestly thought I was going to die. Screaming with out sound coming out. I remember that. We moved a week after the incident. I’m 20 now, soon to be 21, and I remember it in full detail. I’ve talked to others who’ve seen this, and halfway through their story, I know how it ends. Your brother is not alone, and I can tell you there is nothing good about that thing. If angels exist, then that thing is a demon.

    1. I too have experience that same thing! I was in a hotel in Hong Kong, as I was sleeping, I woke up with a huge black entity (or spirit) hovering over my whole body. It choked me and it was the heaviest thing that has ever landed on me. It felt like a huge dead weight pinning me down that I can’t push off. I tried to scream but no sound was coming out of my mouth but I can clearly see my brother who is sleeping next to me. I fainted because I can’t breath and fell back into the darkness. The following day, I had a huge bruise in my arms.

  3. I had the same thing: One night I was sleeping just like any other day nothing out of the ordinary. While I was sleeping, my mind woke up not my eyes I was still asleep I saw a figure a black shape of someone looking down on me. It felt like it was trying to choke me, I put my arms ul in front of me waking up. The feeling went away but as I woke up I felt scared terrified, I didn’t know what. That morning before I took a shower I saw five scratch marks on my chest that were fresh. Now I haven’t done anything bad I try to be nice and friendly with people.

    The only thing that could point to this is mg aunt is a wiccan or that she uses witchcraft and I brought her up talking to my mom about her, she started insulting her calling her bad things now I didn’t say anything bad about her, I was being polite. Anyway I don’t know what it was.

  4. I had the same thing happen, minus the choking.
    I was around 5 and was sleeping per usual when i suddenly jolted awake to be met by a black apparition standing at my door. He was extremely tall and was completely black, you couldn’t see any feature of him.
    I was absolutely petrified and hid under my duvet, i closed my eyes and willed it to go away which it did.
    Your brother is not the only one, i’ve heard multiple stories about this apparition, they apparently call him the shadow- hat man.
    personally whatever this thing is it’s not good.

    1. Emma, i had the exact same thing happen to me at 5, but there were two men, they were aggressive and would dissapear if spoken to or if i called my mum.

  5. I am a woman in he 50’s and I wake to a person to my left they Are not doing anything just stood watching, I am terrified and last night there were two as soon as I scream they are gone. Please help me as I’m not a good sleeper at the best of times and would like to know what they want .

  6. i have a black figure that seems to lurk in my bedroom on a night but also tends to make itself known during the day i felt better after i used some tarrot cards which helped communicate with the spirit if you get some of these cards get some black cloth to cover them after your finished leave the cards on the side and see if it turns a card over and it will tell you what it is and what its intentions are or go and see someome that is in touch with their spiritual side to give you a reading

  7. I wouldn’t really say nothing like that happens to me, but honestly I have this same black human figure around me all the time when I’m in my room. The only time it doesn’t really come around unless my girlfriend is over, it like glances and leaves. Other than that, its always in my room. At night it just stands over me all weird and what not. When I don’t sleep in my room I still feel it but not as often. Like, if I sleep somewhere else, ai strangely get woken up and them I see things floating towards me until I close my eyes and open them back up. Its weird because sometimes it follows me out of the house as well

  8. Just recently I awoke to seeing a dark figure(just from the waist up)leaning over me from the side of my bed. The only thing that I saw clearly was it’s hand on top of my blanket as if it was going to pull the blanket off of me. I jumped out of bed in a complete panic and it was gone. That never happened to me before, although I have had many psychic experiences before in my life. I didn’t get a very good feeling from that experience. I hope it never happens again.

  9. Its called sleep paralysis and is very common and well documented.

  10. William mcallister

    It’s so interesting to compare everyone’s experiences with my own. But the one thing I can say is the more attendtion you give it the worse it will get to just convince yourself it isn’t real if you don’t want things to get worse

  11. These experiences used to happen to me frequently from the ages of 16 to about 45. I would wake from a dead sleep, unable to move, trying to scream, feeling petrified, my mind seemed awake but my body was paralysed. I sensed a tall thin ‘person’ dressed in a long black cloak laying on top of me so I was unable to breath properly due to the weight of the ‘person’.

    on researching the subject there is alot of information about ‘night terrors’ and other sleep disturbances that could explain the experiences. I suffered from a trumatic childhood which is common in people who suffer from ‘night terrors’. I am now 67, the night terrors have gone just as suddenly as they came.

    On saying that however, today during the afternoon both myself and my cat who was sleeping heard a loud crashing sound of falling objects on the ground, coming from either under the house or from a side verandah. I have searched and searched the house but can find nothing out of place. The cat woke up startled by the noise.

    Makes me wonder now about the validity of ‘night terrors’.

  12. So the other night i passed out a little early in my room with the lights off. i do not remember having any nightmares or trouble sleeping except for this incident that night. Now i dont know if this infact was a dream its self or if i might have experienced something but i just have this…memory of opening my eyes, sitting up and gasping as i looked right at this really tall and dark figure that had yellow, white and almost blue lights reflecting off the back of it, almost like someone had shined a flash light or something on its back. i remember staring at it for a few seconds not being able to make out a face or clothes or anything, just black and then just seeing it dissipate or fade into nothing right in front of me, i layed back down and fell back asleep instantly. Then woke up the next morning with that grim memory not able to tell if it was real or not. I have had stuff like this happen to me before in my sleep but not like this. I remember a few years back i had a similar experience where i just remember opening my eyes and not moving and looking directly into this face that was very pale staring and almost smirking at me through a window that i was facing laying on the couch that was above a sliding glass door. Again i just looked at it, did not react and shut my eyes and woke up the next morning with the same feeling. i’m not sure if this is considered sleep paralysis since i remember moving myself the last time. I am a very complicated person lol i often feel like i can read people really easily so this…experience i kinda keep having is really interesting to me.

  13. Jesus is the only way for freedom.

    My friends I also have experienced similar events. I came here to let you know that I was once oppressed by these “things” which now I understand are demons. When I got to my wits end with demonic attacks (at the time I didn’t realize this is what was happening). I called out to Jesus and I have never had these things happen to me again.

    DO NOT GO TO PSYCHICS, OR TAROT CARDS… These are not what stop demons. They may act like it’s working for a while but it’s not true. They will oppress you forever until you come and receive Jesus. Its only through him we have power over the powers of the enemy. Satan and his demons. God bless Lauren. Call me if you need help. 8168094030

  14. Just a brief description of what has been happening to me.
    Since the age of about 5 I can remember strange things happening, someone whispering my name and following what I thought was a person into a room and finding no one there.
    From the age of around 13 my mother started to see a dark figure following me up the stairs or in my bedroom when I wasn’t there.
    From the age of around 20. (Now 38) I have seen it myself I used to wake up to my girlfriend screaming that I se had seen a black figure coming out of my body towards her.
    I’ve seen it a lot over the past year and last night while in bed decided to ask what it was.
    Obviously it didn’t speak but in my mind I could feel it wanted me to follow.
    Any idea?

  15. My 20 yr old son had an experience this morning at 2:00.. a black figure came in through the window and flowed over his bed and he said snakes were dropping from it… He jumped up screaming and ran out of the room, pillows and bed covers everywhere. Of course his scream scared me greatly. He is on the autism spectrum. His heart was beating heavily when I hugged him to comfort him. I am very concerned. I prayed this morning after it happened and again this morning with him before I left. Im not sure if he was dreaming or not.. He says not, he just opened his eyes and it was there. Can anyone advise me re this??? Please…

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