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Did a good spirit visit me in my bed?

Your Name: Catherine

My Story: Hello everyone! First of all, forgive any English mistakes I make. I’d like to talk to you about an experience I had many years ago.

One night as I was sleeping I felt, all of a sudden, like someone or something came and sat on my left hand right below the elbow. It felt very light, like it was just touching me. I immediately woke up from my sleep but I didn’t open my eyes. At first I thought it was my cat but in seconds I realized it wasn’t. So I started feeling scared and I couldn’t open my eyes because of the fear. I was feeling like my head was heating. I was having thoughts that it was a ghost or something like that and I kept having my eyes closed because I was so afraid. Then, this “ghost” kind of blowed right between my eyebrows and whispered “shhh…” right into my left ear, in a very tender manner. This made me decide to open my eyes but unfortunately I saw nothing. However, I heard footsteps on the floor like someone was running (you may think it was my cat running, but as I realized later my cat was sleeping at the corner of my bed). I turned on the lights but I saw nothing.

Have you ever heard of any similar experience? What do you think it could be? I want to believe that it was a good spirit or an angel.
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  1. I had an experience very similar to yours. I was home alone. I had been asleep for a few hours. I was awoken by pressure on my bed. It felt as though someone was sitting on my bed. At first I though it was my cat. I moved my foot to nudge her off, but there was nothing there. Then just as suddenly as it came, the pressure went away. I always thought that it was a family member visiting me from beyond because I never felt threatened by this presence

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  3. i have had a similar experence aswell. i was awoken for no reason one night. i ignored it as i thouught it was just my furnace turning on. i looked quick at my clock to see the time. i fell back asleep. not even 2mins later i was awoken again. this time i looked up and at the end of my bed there was a figure. it looked like a woman with no feet. i was too scared to scream but i was also likke 9
    now that i think about it it could have been a guardian angel…

  4. I had a similar experience as a child i used to have a little boy that stood at the end of the bed. I could feel the weight if him i could even describe what he was wearing. I told my mum as it scared me it happened on more than one occasion. My mum told me if it happened again to roll over and tell him politely bot to visit. He returned so i did. He never came back. I was about 7. Years later i had a palm reading and i was told i had a guardiun angel and he was a little boy. He said i was physic and the spies dont show themselves as i asked them bot to. There is Norway he could have known this. It was very weird. But gets wierder. On my honeymoon my husband woke in the night and got freaked out as he thought he saw a boy standing at the end of out bed id never told him my story. Since then we have divorced as he was violent and abusive i think maybe the boy was a warning. How weird is that.

  5. I had 5 paranormal experiences in my bed and im only 13. The first one i was very young i was aroun the ages of 3-5. I was goin to sleep but before i shut my eyes i noticed a woman standing behind my grandmother with long nails. I wasnt paralyzed tho i could see and talk normally. After that she came to again but no harm was done it was like she was watching over me.A few years later i was about 8. I woke up paralyzed unable to open my eyes or mouth. Finally i opened them in their 3 dead people lookind dead in my face. I closed my eyes and opened them and they were gone. I never seen them again. Years passed i was then 12. I was goin to sleep. I sleept for about 2 hours then i suddenly woke up. There was man just looking at me n i was froze. He was just watching me i actually passed when i saw him and woke up the next morning. After that every night i would hear a man breathing in my ear and whispering things to me. During that time i had another visit. It was a little boy he sat at the edge of my bed but when i sat uo to look at him he disappeared.

    Other Ghost
    One day i was going to walk into my mothers room and i saw refletion that wasnt mines in the door knob. I ran istantly. The figure was all black. The next morning i awoke and got out of bed and a black calmly left the bathroom and went through the next wall.One afternoon i was in the car with my mother. She had went to go pick up a friend. When we arrived at the house there was an old man sitting by the side door. I asked my mom friend who it was and they looked and said there was no man sitting there. Later that day my moms friend told her that an old couole had died in that house. I am only 13 there is worst to come.

  6. Some nights for as long as I can remember ( I am only 12) I will feel someone sitting on my bed, when I look I don’t see anything but I still feel it.
    I’m scared how do I get into to stop.

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