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Paranormal activity at a vacation house, in upstate New York

Your Name: Jennifer Hansen

My Story: My story, it actually a rather long one, a few years ago, my mother’s boyfriend brought a vacation house, in upstate New York, it was a nice house, but it hadn’t not been lived in for a number of years and it needed a lot of work. My mom, myself, and my brothers all helped him get the house in order. That’s when everything started the first I was there, I saw a little girl in a bedroom. She was dressed in an old fashioned white dress, with white ribbons, and had long brown curly hair. Her face was oddly hidden by the strange shadow play in the room. I was absolutely stunned to see her and stood there for a few moments, I mean I KNEW this girl couldn’t be here. There are no girls in my family other then me and my Mother, both families only have GROWN children, the youngest being 15. At first I was sure if the girl was really, I mean she LOOKED solid! But it was strange, I could feel something…off, like there was something unnatural about this girl. Suddenly, she became very angry and demanded to know who I was and what I was doing here. Suddenly, something inside me told me to walk away and ignore this girl. So I did just that and walked away and she was suddenly gone and had not been seen by anyone else. After that I had left the house and rarely visited. The times I DID visit the house strange things would happen. Clothes I had brought with me just disappeared, right out of the duffel bag I taken with me and used. Other things would happen as well, On the outside of the house, there is a small patio and next to it are doors to the root cellar, you have to go outside to get into it. Later, I noticed feeling this very angry and male energy coming from either the root cellar, come on to the patio and enter the house. I can’t explain how, but I could just feel this energy and it scared the life out of me, I however continued to bring it up and refused to acknowledge the energy at all. My family doesn’t believe in the paranormal and I was sure no one would believe me and would only make funny me. My solution was to NOT go to the house at all. I would make excuses and avoid going on family trips up there and such. Then Christmas time came and my whole family decide to send the holiday at this house, I could not avoid going to the house this time. A few months have passed since my last visit and to say I was nervous to go back, it an understatement. As we had pulled up to the house and parked in the driveway, there was this HUGE shadow figure waiting for me, right there on the front porch, which is enclosed. No one else could see this thing, but me. It was huge and looked like a very large men dressed in all black, he was also wearing a hood that covered his face. I couldn’t make out anymore details then that. He was standing there on the porch, like an angry father waiting for their children to return. I wouldn’t look at him, I knew it wanted my attention and I wouldn’t give it any, I was surrounded by family and wouldn’t acknowledge it as best as I could. I held my breath as I walked passed it and entered the house, it just watched me go into the house. I don’t know where it went after that. Later, I had seen it again, this time in the backyard, as it waled across the yard, I had actually thought I had seen a real person then and told my mom, that there was someone in the yard. She had told her boyfriend and ran out to see who this was. When he got out there, he person was gone, and he didn’t see anyone. It was only after my mom’s boyfriend came back inside that I knew it was the dark shadow man I had seen on the front porch. Over the course of the few days that we were there, he would continue to appear to me, either as the little girl or the dark shadow man. I would see them both in the reflections off of glass or in the mirror or they would just be in my line of vision. I had been at the dining room table on my netbook, and the little girl stood right next to me, her face still hidden by shadows. She kicked my chair and pulled on my arm, trying to get me to pay attention to her, but I didn’t. At night, it was worse, they would shake the bed and bang on the walls. I would do the only think I could think of and pray. I had brought myself an old sliver cross that was made and blessed somewhere in Spain. I would hold on to the and pray. My praying only seemed to anger it more, I could hear it screaming “SHUT UP!” in a really angry voice. Things only got worse, as I realized it had followed me home. One day, I just suddenly felt that same very angry energy from that house, right in my own room. It had grabbed my chain, which I wore my cross on, and ripped it off my neck. The chain, was unusual because it had one loop that was bigger then the others, and it kept my cross in place on the chain. After having the chain ripped off, it disappeared, but the cross just dropped to the floor in front of me. That bigger loop, made it IMPOSSIBLE for my cross to be removed from the chain. And why did chain just disappear? After the attack I had a big bruise across my neck. When my mother saw it, she asked what happened and I finally told her about the things I had been seeing in that house upstate. I wasn’t sure if she believed my, but neither one of us knew what to do. She had gone to the house shortly after I told her what happened and she told me, she saw nothing and heard nothing. Therefore, she didn’t believe me. After that I went looking into the house’s history, and while the house was build sometime around World War 2, the building that had all the records of the area the house was in, and sustained a serious fire so any all record before 1975, were destroyed. And I could not find anything in the records I could find, about a little girl or any deaths that might have had happened in the house. I could only find out about an old man named “Buck”. I learned from the woman that sold the house, that an old man called “Buck” had lived there for many many years and died in early 90’s and that the house had been empty since his death. According to her and some people in the area. Buck was a nice old man, that acted like everyone’s grandfather. So whatever this thing is, it certainly can’t be Buck. My search for more information, ended in a dead end. I couldn’t find anything. Sometime later, I was attacked again, it picked me up out of bed and threw me across the room. At first, I refused to believe what happened, that I must have just fallen out of bed and tumbled across the floor or something. I had gotten up and was going to leave my room, until I saw it, that horrible shadow man standing in the hall. It called out to me and said “come here”. But I panicked, slammed my door shut and dropped to my knees in pray. Squeezing my cross until it hurt. I begged god to make it go away, to make it go back to wherever it came from and suddenly it just did. It was gone, and so was my fear, I wasn’t afraid anymore. I didn’t tell anyone what had happened, I thought that sharing what was happening was giving it power. So, I kept it to myself.
Then after one final visit to that horrible house, which I had not been to since Christmas, I was very afraid since I had not seen that thing since that night it attacked my and God sent it away. I wasn’t sure if it was gone for gone or just laying in wait for me at this evil house. When I got there, I didn’t feel or see anything, it was quiet and peaceful. However, it all turned when it got dark. I had been in the living room and it had just turned 9:00 when all of the sudden, I could feel it, that thing was coming. I even heard the old creaky door to the patio swung open and shut, as if someone had just come in. I saw it, right there, in the entry way into the living, just standing there. I shut my eyes and said to myself “Oh god make it go away!”, but it didn’t. I opened my eyes and it was still there, I could here it laughing at me. It then suddenly turned left. I didn’t know what to do, I went to hide in my room, jumping into bed and pulling the covers over me. I had shut the door, and hoped and prayed it would leave me alone. But, when I heard my door open, I knew it wasn’t gonna leave me alone. I laid there frozen, with my back to the door. I held my breath and waited. There was a light coming from somewhere and causing this thing to cast a shadow that fell over me. It did nothing but peer in and left after a few minutes. I stayed awake, refusing to go to sleep that night. But exhaustion finally got the better of me and I had at some point fallen asleep. That’s when this thing attacked, it was on top of me, pinning me to the bed, it’s large hands around my throat choking and shaking me violently. I couldn’t scream, I could hardly breath. It was screaming at me to look at him, but I couldn’t open my eyes, I was to scared. It was also screaming at me to get rid of the cross. I remember begging and praying for god’s help again. And somehow it just went away. After it was gone, I got dressed packed my things and told my mother, I would never stay in this house again and that if wasn’t gonna drive me home, I’ll take the bus back. So, we left and I haven’t been back since, but my mom says she has been noticing strange things as well

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