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An entity of some sort was trying to harm my child.

Your Name: Des

My Story: My experience happened around June 2010 in my moms home in Alamosa Colorado. I was visiting her with my 2 month old son. I fell asleep in the living room on the floor with my son. Very early in the morning (1 am or 2 am?) I started having these very vivid dreams (at least what I thought were dreams) an entity of some sort was trying to harm my child. He was scratching him and trying to pull him from my arms. The entity was trying to make my Mother believe that I was the one trying to harm my son. The entity was growling loudly and when I woke I could hear the growling loudly in my ear and I could feel warm breath on my ear and neck. I tried to get up because I was terrified but I felt held down on my chest. I was short of breath and my only instinct was to
Grab my son and get him away from this entity. As soon as I was able I scooped him up and ran to my moms room crying shaking and terrified. I told my mom what had just happened. And in her sleepy haze she reassured me that I had only had a dream, and that the growling I had heard had only been her dog Zeus.

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