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A dark red figure appeared in front of me

Your Name: Justin Tyler Widner

My Story : On October 24, 2012, which is my birthday, I was getting ready for bed. I had to sleep in the living room sleeping. I was almost asleep when I heard kind of a whisper from the back hallway. I looked, and I saw two white figures in front of the back bathroom. I looked really closely and it looked like a girl and her daughter. I went to get my mom but she would not get up. I sat in the floor for a minute. All of a sudden, I saw a dark red figure just appear right in front of me. I thought it was the devil, but I could not make it out. To this day, I still wonder about it. I sometimes have nightmares about it. That is a mystery to me.

Updated: November 22, 2012 — 8:45 pm


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  1. Hi there , I had the same thing happening to me , to this day I can’t explain it , I was about 7- 8 yrs old , my mother and I were home alone when everything went from daylight to pitch black dark which lasted for a few seconds and aas the daylight came back I saw this red figure a few feet from my bed , it wasn’t very tall , I shouted screaming mom but when she came and I told her to look next to her it disappeared , but I cnt make out its face. Would like to know more of this

  2. Interesting. My birthday is also October 24th.

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