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My 11 years of paranormal experiences

Your Name: Clair

My Story: I have had a few paranormal experiences, The most recent being last night! I’ll tell you a few of them now, The first one was 11 years ago when my son had not long been born, We were living with my Mum and Dad and my Sons cot was in our bedroom, One night I suddenly woke up, I looked over to the cot and there was someone leaning over it, I could see it in the dark but it wasn’t glowing, I think it was a man judging by the height (i’d say about 6 foot) I turned away in shock and when I looked back there was nobody there. It wasn’t reallly scary, We think it was My Grandad who died when i was 5, Also my Dad claims to have heard someone whispering ssshhh to my Son when he was grizzly when there was nobody else there. Another time, when I was at work I was working in my area on my own one day in the holidays, I work at a residential college for people with special needs, so they only have a skeleton staff on in the holidays so there are a few people around the place, I was in the laundry room, the kitchen is directly to the rightand I saw somebody go into the kitchen out of the corner of my eye. There is a long corridor directly in front of the laundry and i saw nobody coming down there, and because it was so quiet most people would have shouted hello to avoid startling me, I went into the kitchen and there was nobody there. I felt a bit stupid but other people have seen similar things too. Another time, also at work in the holidays I was working on the bungalow site which is accomadation for more independent students, It was a saturday night and I was on my own and had no work to do so i decided to take a dvd in to watch, I was sat in the front room when i was just struck with fear, Theres no other way to describe it, I could just feel that something was in that bungalow, It took me about 10 minutes to pluck up the courage to move and when I did i grabbed my dvd, coat and the keys, locked up and went and sat in another bungalow. I felt better immediately, my hearts thumping just thinking about it now, Later on when i was waiting for my taxi at the front of that bungalow, I could feel somebody watching me. My workmate has heard footsteps there at night and thought it was a student using the toilet, and theres been nobody there. Another time, I walked past the bathroom and the tap had been left on at the sink, I turned it off, then my colleague said she’d turned it off, this happened about 5 times, we thought it was a student playing a trick but they were all out. We had the plumber out to have a look at it but there was nothing wrong with it. Ther have been other things too but i’m rambling now. I’ll tell you about last night. I went to see a band in Birmingham. The venue was old (1900) and had originally been a chapel, then a civic hall, now a music venue, I went to use the toilet and there were about 3 girls in there washing their hands but the rest of the cubicles (there were about 10 on one side, 3 on the other) were empty so i went in the first one. The 3 girls all left together, when all of a sudden it sounded like someone was banging all the doors shut, i was worried because mine was the only one that wasn’t open and i didn’t want to see what happened then! so i finished pretty quickly and rushed out. All the doors were shut. There was nobody there. I have had a look on the internet but can’t find out any more about the history, I may e-mail the venue when I pluck up the courage.

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