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A teenage life full of numerous paranormal and psychic experiences

Your Name: Angel

My Story: Currently I’m a teenager, but over the years I’ve had numerous paranormal and psychic experiences. Most usually happen to me, my brother, and my mother.
First of all I’ll start with my small experiences I’ve had with the paranormal. These experiences have been getting more frequent since this past year.
To begin with, I’ve always loved to take photos and once while I was exploring I was amazed by a plant; it was completely different from others. So then I decide to take a picture of it and in the picture it shows a dark shadow of a skull. That just seemed so odd. Later on as the months passed nothing happened to me.
Until months later I started having nightmares; all the nightmares were either about a dark haired little girl and a mob always chasing me. I had these nightmares for about two weeks strait. Finally, when I awoke up from another nightmare I was frozen and then I glanced towards the right of my bed and there stood a small little girl about 8 years old. I didn’t panic at all which surprised my mother completely. (I’ve told her all my experiences.)
Later on I resumed with my life worrying about how school will start soon. Classes soon had me battered with projects and homework and of course I had to stay after school. While working on a project I had to interview one of my teachers which was nothing different. While I was video taping her interview and asking her questions nothing had struck me as different on this day. Later on while I checked on the interview editing it and making sure that everything was fine I was freaked out by something said at the very last second of the interview. “He-llo” was what the voice had said. I kept thinking back in the moment with my teacher realizing that we were the only two people in the room. After hearing these words my mind froze and I panicked. I never panicked and this just scared me, I’m not sure why.
Soon afterwards, I started to calm but I had that eerie feeling that someone was watching me. I just couldn’t shake it off. Weeks pass. In addition, this happened a few days ago… I was normally taking a shower in the night when something pushed me! I almost fell in the shower and this gave me a slight panic but it soon faded away.
Thank you for reading and hopefully I’ll post my mother’s and my brothers’s experiences soon.
I’d also like to say that I’ve had more odd experiences, I’ll tell them in time.
Thanks once again!

Updated: December 6, 2012 — 8:17 pm

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    no big deal. not paranormal in the slightest.

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