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An angry voice said dont come back

Your Name: Margot Kerr

My Story: I moved recently to the same town I lived there 3 years ago for 10 years. I rented an Apartment who where willing to take my Dogs. I always liked the next house from my apartment it was just the size for one. I was even looking at it one time househunting. Now I heard from my neighbor that a man shot himself in the basement. MY dogs had to go out at night one time and I walked on the property and let them pee as I left, I heard a raspy angry voice saying don’t come back. I respected it. But last night I woke up and had to visit the bathroom something looked like a black cat came from under my bed and run out of the bedroom I thought it was my sophie she is a cockier spaniel and all black.but she was still sleeping what could it have been?

Updated: December 6, 2012 — 8:13 pm

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