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I woke up with five scratch marks on my chest

Your Name: Luis

My Story: One night I was sleeping just like any other day nothing out of the ordinary. While I was sleeping, my mind woke up not my eyes I was still asleep I saw a figure a black shape of someone looking down on me. It felt like it was trying to choke me, I put my arms up in front of me waking up. The feeling went away but as I woke up I felt scared terrified, I didn’t know what. That morning before I took a shower I saw five scratch marks on my chest that were fresh. Now I haven’t done anything bad I try to be nice and friendly with people.

The only thing that could point to this is mg aunt is a wiccan or that she uses witchcraft and I brought her up talking to my mom about her, she started insulting her calling her bad things now I didn’t say anything bad about her, I was being polite. Anyway I don’t know what it was.

Updated: December 11, 2012 — 7:49 pm


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  1. hey,
    i don’t know you but i got really freaked out by your story. I’m not a creeper but that was weird what I said, sorry. Anyway my 10 year old step sister is having paranormal experiences also kindof like yours. So bad that she wants to stay over her dads at night, (parents are divorced) my sister says she sees a black figure standing at the foot or right next to her of her bed. She wakes up almost every night at 2:00 or 3:00 am. She is crying and screaming and thats about it now shes afraid to sleep in her room. Also my sister gets poked or touched in the middle of the night please help and respond! This is getting out of control.

    1. Hey, im 15 and every night my friends or I wake up, we have new scratches on our bodies, and throughout my years, ive seen shadow figures in my house door ways and in my house we have a closet with a little door that nobody has a key to. Its starting to freak out everyone.

  2. Try sleeping in the light, see if that helps. It’s not definite but I’ve had experience with a “shadow person” that has been capable of negative physical interaction with myself and my younger brother. Shadow people need an absence of light to manipulate physical space. I slept in the light for 3 years to avoid being pulled from my bed. If it’s happening on a regular basis you might want to observe your surrounding while you lay in bed in the light.. I know it sounds crazy but sometimes I could see it standing just outside of the reaches of the light in the hallway, that’s how I was able to identify the entity and take steps to minimize my exposure with it.

  3. well tell her not to be scared.

  4. go directly to a church and tell your story

  5. It might be a poltergise

  6. It might be a dark entity, poltergeist that does physical damgage

  7. Cleanse the house and rooms wth ur religious beliefs or salt the outside of ur property so evil cannnot enter, b4 sleeping wash , change the bed to ur comfort zone remove mirrors, put fairy lights around where u feel safe use intuition place a sweet angel 2 watch over u pray and sleep, u will feel strong and brave little one for your psychic powers are stronger then theirs..xx scratch marks mean protection frm beyond the grave in my belief.. Hope this helps.

  8. Hello, I don’t think this was your aunt. Wiccans that practice witchcraft to not necessarily dabble in dark magic. Wiccans are in tune with nature. If this is often, call a priest, bless your house, light a smudge stick and hang rosaries/herbs/spell bags around your house to ward away evil spirits or entities.

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