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Does anyone have words of advice about these voices?

Your Name: Mackenzie

My Story: About 6 years ago, I moved into the house I am still currently in. I was about 8 or 9. I moved in with my mom and her husband. For many years, I never had any encounters while living here.
Earlier this year, in late March or early April, I was home alone. Because I was home alone, I walked around the house naked for a few hours. I had just purchased a new book a week or so before and I decided to take it out and read it at the dining table. I was engrossed in my book, but all the while very alert because I needed to be dressed if someone came home.
I had nearly finished the book when I heard, at first, a faint voice from another room that was very deep and low. I brushed it off at first thinking maybe a TV had been left on or someone on a motorcycle had passed by blaring their radio.
Not even five minutes later, the voice came again and this time much louder. The voice distinctly told me to “Get out!” several times. I knew it was a man’s voice, though it did not sound familiar and at that point, I was sure that it was not a TV. I was frozen with panic, I didn’t even want to breathe in fear that whoever it was would come after me or become angrier. I started to think quickly of what I could do to get out.
I live right off the highway, so running out my door to my neighbor’s house (I am close to them) was not an option. I knew I had to get clothes on, but I hesitated for a few moments, unsure if I was brave enough to go to my mother’s bedroom where clean clothes were piled up on the bed. I got dressed quickly in the first things I found and I ran quickly from the bedroom and from the house, barely bothering to even shut the door. I was crying, I had been scared so badly and I ran as fast as I ever have to my neighbor’s house.
I returned to the house when my mom got home and I did not let her leave me home alone again for several months. I told her of what happened and she didn’t tell me I was silly, but said that it is possible that there was a radio on. She told me she was not sure that that could be the case, though, as it wouldn’t make sense for a radio host to shout at someone to “Get out”. That was the first time I had a paranormal experience here in this house.
A few weeks ago, just before my high school let out for winter break, I was home alone again and I was on the couch in the living room, working on online classes. I had all the TVs off so that I wouldn’t be distracted by any background noise. My little sister sometimes stays home with me when my mom leaves to run errands.
I heard footsteps come down the stairs and several go up. I didn’t think anything of it because the stairs often creak, though not like that. I stayed focus on my work. Ten minutes later, roughly, I heard laughing from the stairs. I called out my sister’s name, thinking that maybe I had been zoned-out when my mom told me my sister would be staying home with me. I called out my sister’s name a couple more times, but received no response.
Because I could tell that it was a friendly laughter, that of a child’s when they play, I was not scared enough to leave the house, but I was unnerved by the happening.
I don’t know what to do about these things. I feel like more of this sort of thing will come and I would like to know how to handle it better. Does anyone have words of advice?

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  1. Hey There,

    Voices, although frightening are usually innocent. There are different levels of paranormal interaction. Verbal interactions can be broken down into two categories. 1. residual,and 2. Intelligent. Intelligent verbal interactions are more frightening because it asserts the presence of a ghost/spirit that is capable of interaction between their dimension and ours. However human beings are capable of giving off intense levels of energy, usually during emotional points in their lives. This emotional energy can leave a print that can manifest throughout time, most often in the form of voices or sounds. As long as your not interacting verbally, or physically with anything paranormal you have nothing to worry about. But that’s just my opinion based on my own experience. I have had interaction with intelligent presences, as well as some darker entities that still have a very profound negative effect on me. However, although I have experienced residual energy in both the forms of voices and apparitions, I have never been negatively effected by them. By the sounds of it, you have some residual spiritual energy in your home. Which is actually pretty cool.


  2. The best you can do is pray and visualize a white bubble surrounding you for protection and know its protecting you, don’t try to intimidate it will only make it worse (like cursing at it and saying that’s all you got). The best advice honestly is to NOT be afraid and show fear. Things like yours happened to me when I was home alone, I was 20 at the time and got really fed up and I went against my fears and ran around my house in complete darkness saying I’m not afraid! Your the one that’s afraid of me! I’m more powerful and shine brighter than you ever would! You don’t exist or an empty shell filled will nothingness! And walked around my house like a boss and I never had problems again. I still get the feeling that I’m being watched but brush it off and will go against my fear and pull the fear out of me because there is nothing to fear in the first place, whatever it is can hurt you, it can only absorb your fear, your feeding it with your fear if you let that happen. Just laugh knowing it is much weaker and it doesn’t exist.

  3. Your story really creeped me out. Do you know anything about your houses past. Have you ever discovered what it was that was screaming at you. I don’t mean to be weird but im really curious to know the story behind that incident.

  4. hie. i am pradipto from india. i badly want to interact with people who have had paranormal experiences. i hope what you are saying is true. first u have to exhaust all possibilities of a logical explanation before we can accept the events as unnatural. take the former incident where you heard get out several times. you have to make sure is there any possibility of any member of the houses in your vicinity who could have shouted get out? try to think did the voice you heard match with any of your neighbours?? got my point?? i am talking of the elimination theory by which you have to eliminate all logical possibilities before you can say that it is paranormal. also if you could record some of the weird sounds or incidents that will help. once you are convinced that you are encountering paranormal events you can start by
    investigating about the history. it feels like your experiences are linked to past happenings of the house. please keep in touch . let me know about future developments.
    my email id is
    looking forward to hear from you.
    your indian friend pradipto

  5. Hello there dnt be scared ,have ur house cleansed, paranormal institutes will research 4 u free just 4 the experience. The living are scarier then the dead my sweet like my mama!

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