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Is this a case of divine intervention

Your Name: Brandon

My Story: I do not know whether my story can be considered paranormal or not, for I see it as a case of divine intervention. Let me start from the beginning. When I was young, religious views were “forced” upon me by my parents (christianity). Me, being a child, went along with it. I went to church on sundays, read the bible, went to various christian events, etc.. However, when I reached the age of…14 I believe, I became a great deal more thoughtful. I analyzed the holes and illogical points in christianity and all other religions. I became very skeptical, and eventually, embraced atheism. I turned my back upon my devout family, and they on me.

When I was 16 years old, I spent a lot of time with my grandfather. Somehow, despite our differing beliefs, (I an atheist, and he a christian) we got along very well, and had many interesting discussions regarding religion. He was christian yes, but not the kind that I had grown to loathe. He was an “independent” christian, free of the church and man-made obligations. He too recognized the corruption of the church and bible (as it was transcribed over generations). However, he cried when I told him I was an atheist, and I would never believe in any sort of deity. I suppose he dreaded the thought of me suffering in Hell for the rest of my “existence”. I told him I would need SOLID evidence that there is indeed an afterlife. Not 3 weeks later, he passed away from a growth on his spinal cord. I was overcome by grief.

As a 17 year old, I was extremely depressed. Not from fluctuating hormones, but because life seemed so pointless to live if it just…ended. What’s the point of doing amazing things in life if you’re going to just…end eventually. I can’t remember these magical moments if I am dead. Alas, I still clung to my old beliefs. I deemed all religious people to be misled fools, and I did not want to be amongst them.

Deeming life a waste of time, I contemplated suicide, day after day. I never attempted it though, because like many others, I feared death. The months dragged on.

Then, I reached the biggest turning point in my life. I no longer lived with my mother, father and brothers; I lived with my uncle. He is known to be absent minded, but I never paid much attention to it. One night, he was cooking some roast beef in the oven for himself, as I was studying my chemistry notes in my room. I was exhausted, and decided to retire to bed. Then something happened. I remember being drawn out of bed in the deep night. I remember being basically “hauled” down the staircase, unable to control my legs. I remember regaining control when I was standing in my living room, in the pitch black. I was in such a state of confusion at this point. I turned to go back up the stairs when I noticed an orange glow radiating in the kitchen; I instantly knew what it was. I strode in to the kitchen and little to my surprise, there was a fire raging inside the oven. The door was open and the flames were reaching for paper objects and jugs of cooking oil. I threw the objects aside and managed to get the fire under control. What surprised me was that there was no smoke, and barely any sound of crackling flames. My uncle had left the oven on overnight on the highest temperature, he didn’t even make sure to close the oven. I would have to explain what happened in the morning and why the counter was scorched black, but I was so overcome with fatigue that I decided to return to bed.

I laid down in bed, and stared at the wall in front of me. I glanced over at my shelf mounted on the wall, and noticed that the picture of my grandfather was missing. I looked down at my feet and seen the picture laying at the end of the bed.

There was my solid evidence of an afterlife that I had pleaded for, and my grandfather was the one to deliver it. I am 19 now, and I am a proud christian. An independent christian. My parents didn’t choose my beliefs, I did. The church didn’t control me, I did. The bible didn’t tell me what was right or wrong, I did. Regardless, I placed my full faith in God at this point. Not just because I wanted to live forever in paradise, but because it just felt like the right thing to do, it felt like destiny…a destiny fulfilled. This is my story, and the only contact with the spiritual realm that I have ever had, and am aware of so far.

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  1. Yes Brandon, this is divine intervention, and your granddad was the messenger. I love your description of him, ‘an independent Christian’ which describes me exactly, only I call myself an ‘non-denominational Christian’ which is the exact same thing. For all the reasons you and your Granddad had, mine are the same. I am a psychic medium, lifelong, some of my stories are in here, most are not, and I can tell you now, the paranormal is not done with you, since you are extremely psychic too. You found God yourself, without indoctrination, as did I, which is why you’ll be less likely to lose your faith again. This story you have shared, will not allow it, nor, will your granddad. He is safe, and you have work to do, not convert, that’s God’s job, but to share your experience with Him. God bless:-)

  2. mr brandon.

    i am an indian. my name is pradipto. it is nice to hear that you have thought so deeply about spiritual tenets of your faith and more over you didn’t follow them blindly but when they clashed with your own logical reasoning you questioned them.
    my position is just the same. i am a hindu and in our religion also there is belief of life after death. in fact according to hinduism all the pain and suffering of your present life is because of the bad actions of your past life. and as far as presence of god is concerned also my position is like your’s was before the miracle happened. i want proof in the form of miracle to be sure of all these life after death and presence of god. but i haven’t been as lucky as you. i am sufferring from confusion and two minds. so i always try to interact with people who have felt divine presence beyond doubt. congratz to u. god has been kind to you. hope to hear from you . pls keep in touch. my email id is

  3. Thank you for sharing your story.

  4. Yeah, I call bullshit. Begged god for years to signal some divine impetus. Why would this “just” being select people to demonstrate his power to? Extraordinary claims, extraordinary evidence

    Just for kicks I’ll throw this out.
    atheist for ten years now. I’m considerably successful; loving marriage, two amazing healthy children, money in the bank
    All of this sounds very much like creationist bogeyman propaganda. I dare whatever invisible man you pray to, to show himself. Satan,Elohim, mbombo whatever. Stop trying to shake people out of reason while humanity proceeds in this transitional period away from dated beliefs.

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