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Something grabbed by shoulder as I watched TV

Your Name Heather Winton

My Story: As a small child I could never sleep. One of those nights I went into the living room to watch Tv ( usually that got me to sleep) I sat and watched it. The couch was up against a wall and my head barely went over the top. I felt a cold breeze over my head. I turned around but nothing was there. I continued watching my tv program. To my left the kitchen door was open and in the door was the back of my mum. She seemed to be hazy. I called her name but the figure never moved. I screamed it never spoke or moved. I ran into the hall and at the bottom of my long hall was a light very purple and white. I ran into my mothers room and there she was. I asked her if she was in the kitchen but she said no.
The night after I was brave enough to go back in but this time i fell asleep on the couch when I woke up. I turned the tv on and bent down to get the remote that must have fallen off the couch. When i sat back up something grabbed my shoulder. I turned around but nothing was there. I never went in there alone again.

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  1. When I was younger I woke up in the middle of the night because i had to use the restroom. During the time i was washing my hands i got this cold shiver down my whole spine. I thought it was just because i was cold or something but when i turned off the light and left the bathroom. When i was taking my first step out of my bathroom something grabbed my shoulder and i sprinted to my room to hide under the blankets shivering in pure fear until morning.

  2. Wow thats freaky have you researched the history… or you could be attached to something from your past or a loved one.And i would go back in its probaly trying to connect with you or using your energy to contact you.

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