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Your Name: Desiree

My Story: Ok, finally I have a place to put all of the weird things I go through down for others to see. I have had paranormal experiences since I was a child. I am not in my mid twenties and somewhat coming to an understanding of these things.
To start I have been having dreams of a previous life and time and I in the dream was a male and not a female, i had these dreams around the age of 6 or 7. In the dreams I was some kind of messenger telling people something that was concealed, and being chased by a small group of individuals with a sword. I was persecuted, asked why was i telling people these things, and i said “because they need to know”. I was stabbed in the stomach with a sword and woke up out of my sleep with a really bad stomach ache that felt like I was actually stabbed. Previous death or past life?
might i add, as a child i was brought up christian and was steadfast in my beliefs as a child. i carried a white bible to school and was even caught reading it in history class. the teacher was angry yet impressed. ….anyway i also had precognitive dreams all of which showed things which have came and passed, they appeared in recurring dreams for a while that my mother was dead and the house we lived in at the time was on fire. sure enough our house burned down in ’93 and my mother passed away in ’94 on easter.
after my mother passed I had a problem with believing in god because i couldn’t understand how he could take my best friend away, but it was also like i was warned of the coming events. i always have dreams and for some reason am notified in them of big events coming to pass in my life and sometimes my loved ones (friends family)….one of the most recent things that actually scared the crap out of my happened a bout 3 yrs ago at my grandmothers house. lets just say, i dont wear make up, but my grandmother had a makeup box with unopened brand new un used makeup just laying around, and i was bored. late night, like 2-3am i made my face up in an egyptian manner and drew the eyeliner to make one eye the “all seeing eye”….i was impressed at my artwork, and started taking pictures with m y grandmothers cell phone and uploading them on facebook.i lie to you not, as i was on facebook, all the lights in the room i was sitting in turned off. and the power to the laptop was off, so i tried to rationalize it as a small power outage and got up from the couch going towards the door to the hall so i can go to the basement to check the fuse. soon as i got to the door, all the lights came back on as if nothing ever happened. my grandmother always have stuffed animals and toys in the room i was in for other little kids to play with when they visit. all of the toys that required batteries or for someone to push or pull something started going off. i was still trying to not buy it and assumed that a bunch of mice were running around and setting things off. so i sat back down to finish upload pics. then it got really really cold and it felt like something was holding my throat. and it was a medicine table next to a medical bed that my great grandmother used to sleep in , on the table was a stuffed bunny that required someone to pull the string for it to talk and on its own it started going off saying “somebody loves you” three times. i was so scared …there’s 2 doors in this room, one to the hallway and one to the middle room. the second door was blocked off by boxes of shoes and toys and on the other side it had a bunch of stuff in front of it, so it was not accessible unless one moves things from both sides. this door was shaking lights coming on and off. i closed the computer ran in my brothers room while the door shook violently turned the tv on go under the cover closed my eyes and prayed til i fell asleep. whatever i disturbed i apologized and promised to never do what i did again.

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