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The cheeky one who hid my book

Your Name: Emma

My Story: I’ve had quite a few paranormal experiences, the most recent one happened 2 days ago. I had pulled a book out that i had purposely wanted to read and had left it on my bed whilst i went and got a drink. When i came back i noticed that the book wasn’t on my bed, so i initially thought that i may have put it somewhere else so i began searching my room looking for it. With no luck i decided to leave the room and say aloud, ” can you please put my book back”. I waited five minutes before walking back into my room to find my book on the floor of my room.
This wasn’t the first time this has happened, its happened to my mum and brother.
Who ever’s doing it is a cheeky one 🙂

Updated: January 13, 2013 — 7:48 pm


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  1. well your not the only one i experince this every time i go to my grandmothers.

  2. Hi I shared a story similar to yours on the website called”Experience Project”. I was going to bake cupcakes and one of my cupcake pans went missing, I just had it then it was gone. So I said I’m going to leave the room when I come back can you please put the pan where I can see it, I really need it. And when I went back in the kitchen there it was next to my coffee pot. I said thank you. I guess some spirits got jokes.

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