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I get terrible feelings since grave lurking

Your Name: Hannah

My Story :A few years Ago I did something called grave lurking for awhile. I had always gotten good evidence from one graveyard (fairly new) 898 which I thought was odd because we found it by a fluke. The last time we went to it, we went with some friends that had just come back from New Orleans. We had candles representing North South East and West. And mine was the only one that went out. No wind. Since those 3 years I’ve had multiple experiences when I’m taken down by something at night when I’m in bed when I get a terrible feeling and start flinching uncontrollably and then grow numb and I can’t move or breathe until I pass out praying in my head. Is this medical or has someone else experienced the same thing? Help me!

Updated: January 18, 2013 — 7:27 pm


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  1. I am not by any means an expert but what your explaining regarding being held down by an entity, may be a form of sleep paralysis. You should do some research into it. It’s supposedly extremely terrifying. I have never experienced it myself but it can be traumatizing, especially if it’s reoccurring like in your case.

  2. I would suggest that you get a
    psychic reading
    and see if the psychic can detect a bad spirit following you to help find the answer to your issue.

  3. You have what is called “sleep paralysis” lots of information on google about it.

  4. you probably disturbed a spirit and it’s haunting you. The syptoms sound bad. Get a priest or a preacher…

  5. Sleep paralysis.. Or Sleep apnea, maybe see a psychic and then see what they say, if they say nothing or pick nothing up, then see a doctor!

    Best of luck


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