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A strange smell emanates since my cousin drowned

Your Name Nidhi

My Story Hi,

I am a 26 yr old female. This is my story.

In my family,my cousin sister died by drowning. After few yrs, My uncle fell ill suddenly. He claimed my dead sis had followed him the night before.
He died the next day. While he was dying, my another uncle in some other city felt a strange smell emanating from his shirt. That was the same shirt he was wearing when my sis had died.
After my uncle died,my mom used to be very scared for a long time although she never had any frightening experience. My uncle was very close to all of us. He loved me a lot.

After few months or a yr,i don’t remember the time exactly but something happened one night.
I slept with my mom one night. I woke up in the middle of the night and I saw a figure sitting and seemed like it was very much in pain. I thought it’s my mom. I called out but it never answered.
So I realized it’s not my mom. I got scared and buried myself under the blankets and waited for the night to get over.
After that i had few sightings during day time but I am not so sure about them. Around this time a very nice smell used to be around in my room. Even my mom could smell it but she told me as long as nothing bad is happening, don’t talk about it. And nothing bad was happening. My life was going on very well.

After few yrs, I moved to another city to attend college. After few yrs of living there,one day I could smell the same thing again, very localized smell. It’s like you go to a spot ,it’s there and no-where else.
One night in hostel, everyone was talking about ghosts and I told my story. i told my mom and she warned me not to speak about it.
After that, the activity increased. I could hear laughter when I was semi-asleep. i don’t know if it was just a dream. I could feel someone trying to wake me up.
I started sleeping with something holy under my pillow. It all stopped.

After almost 2-3 yrs, I moved to US with my husband. Yesterday I could smell it again.

What it might be. Could you help me understand. It doesn’t harm me in any way. In fact every thing is just great.

Updated: June 28, 2013 — 6:41 pm


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  1. You say he loved you very much right? Perhaps it’s just his way to let you know he’s watching over you and reminding you that he still loves you and is looking out for you and is protecting you. He is doing in a way that’s unobtrusive and non threatening as to not frighten you. Hope it brings you comfort.

  2. you need someone too have a look at your house or were ever… smelling smells after death is something to do with demonic entities.

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