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My paranormal encounter at The President Hotel in Time Square, NYC

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My Story: This is our experience that gave me chills when it happened and laughs when I think about it. Ive had many paranormal encounters but the November night in 2011 at The President Hotel in Time Square, NYC is my most memorable. My girlfriend and I made last minute reservations for one night. When we got there, the interior of the entrance and front desk was beautiful- it was very modern, dim lighted, had a big tank full of colorful fish, a bar by the entrance and a long waterfall display behind the front desk. We were very impressed with how sophisticated the hotel looked. We went to the front desk, picked a smoking room, grabbed our room’s key card and headed to the elevator across the front desk. Our room was located on the 14th floor, the top floor of the Hotel. As soon as the elevator door opened, we noticed how dark the corridor was- the wallpaper was tacky and the tables in the hallway had weird lamp statues shaped as one of the U.S president’s head. When we picked the President Hotel, we thought it meant “presidential” hotel as in, it was luxurious and high class but we were definitely wrong because it was a hotel dedicated to the presidents, hence all the president obsessed decor. We finally approached our room number and no joke it was the last room to the left of the hall. As I placed the card in the slot, I had an uncomfortable gut feeling that I didn’t like this room, but I didn’t say anything to scare my girlfriend because maybe it was just me. But as soon as I opened the door, my girlfriend blurted out “I don’t like this room”. When she said that I was astonished of how she felt the same way, still kept my mouth shut though. I told her to relax and we stepped in the room. The room was small- to the left of the entrance door there was a closet, to the right was the bed with a white shiny plastic headboard and across the entrance door was the bathroom. Next to the bathroom on the right was a desk with those weird U.S president’s heads and large sized portraits mounted on the wall. Noise of a lot of people talking loudly was coming from one of those doors that connect to another room, on the right side of the bed. I set our luggage down by the desk and walked back to the left side bed where my girlfriend was standing next to. I sat down, looked at my girlfriend and was about to talk, when all of a sudden (chills) the closet door to left of the entrance started shaking hard like someone was trapped in there trying to open it. The door knob shook vigorously. My girlfriend and I were both deer in headlights. It shook uncontrollably for a few seconds, and completely stopped. I slowly got up and creeped to the closet door. I put my hand on the knob and forcefully swung the door open, and not to my surprise there was nothing in there, besides the safe, some wooden hangers, an iron and ironing board. I shut the door, turned around and said to my girlfriend “we got to go”. We left immediately and didn’t look back. We got in the elevator and went down to the front desk attendee, and asked for another room. A non smoking room this time. All he said was “ok” with no hesitation, no questions asked, not “was there something wrong with the room?” Or why? Not even that! Then all of a sudden I remembered that we left our luggage in the room!! So I told the attendee I forgot our luggage in the last room, and held onto the last key card. My girlfriend did not want to go with me, she just wanted to go to the new room, so she got off on the 4th floor while I stayed on the elevator to go back to the top floor. When I got to the door, I took a deep breath, opened the door and had to stretch to grab our luggage while holding the entrance door open with my foot. Nothing happened but I wanted to get out of there ASAP. I finally arrived to the new room and it was still eerie but no event happened like the one on the 14th floor!
It’s really weird how only that door out of the all the doors in the room, shook really hard. We were trying to think of all the possibilities of why that door would shake like that and came up with subway trains or those people we heard. But we’re on the 14th floor! How can only one out of four doors shake uncontrollably by some unseen force!
This is a story that I truly love sharing, since I have a witness to my experience. It’s great telling my friends and family, and reenacting what happened. I have many more stories dealing with the paranormal ever since I was a child living in my first home, which is believed to be haunted. Thank goodness I don’t live there anymore! But besides that I will never forget that moment of that closet door having a heart attack. It really creeped my girlfriend and I out, so a fare warning, don’t ever stay on the top floor or don’t even stay in any floor. P.S, there’s a website that shows you the weird president shaped heads, really creepy o____O.

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