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I’m under constant attack from rogue psychics

Your Name : David C. Traverso

My Story: My paranormal experience started 4 day’s before the Super Bowl, and this story is psychic and weird.
The 1st day I was jogging and I heard a voice yell/ swear at me, it was about 100 feet in the air. One word is all, and stopped me in my track’s and made me look back. I shook it off and kept jogging. On the 2nd day I was lifting weight’s and I heard three word’s, my full name and a swear word. That was at about 7 feet high, I said to myself what’s going on here. I shook it off and finished my work out. The 3rd day I felt a weird, my mind and body felt a weird shiver, quiver, and hum that I have never felt before. On the 4th day he/psychic broke through or connected with me. I talked to him for 4 or 5 hour’s, I did not have a choice. He told me he was a psychic, remote viewer, and communicator. I could tell this person is disturbed. He told me to go to my front window and watch, it was at 4 a.m., 1st my across the street neighbor came running out of her house screaming and shaking while she was holding her head. Then she went back inside instantly, about 15 minute’s later he told me to look out the side window, and then my next door neighbor came running and screaming out the back patio. It was weird to see 2 of my neighbor’s being attacked or invaded by a psychic while I was Being attacked/ invaded. The psychic mentioned how it was a strong connection. I thought the psychic would go away, I was wrong, and he is rogue, evil, and disturbed to say the least.
For the 1st month I was scared and trying to make sense out of this, while I was being screamed at and attacked constantly. This psychic started a power trip on me saying I was his robot and he was in control of my life. This psychic was screaming, swearing, and attacking me constantly, then he started asking me for money, jewelry, or whatever else he could get. I thought I had heard it all, psychic extortion. Give me money or I will stay in your head and try to you have a psychotic break down. that was just the start, then another more powerful psychic came into this and I recognized right away. I have not seen or heard from him in 20 plus year’s. He was my old grade school science teacher. Right away, as soon as he started attacking me hard and strong, he made it perfectly clear this was about money. He almost gave me a heart attack, thank God I work out 3 times a day.
That’s when this started to get intense, I had 2 psychic’s attacking me for money, power trip, and addiction. The 1st psychic was in the mind and the second in my body/ spine. I felt a lot of attack’s, such as blocked thought’s, mind or thought reading, pressure on my body organ’s and spine, ringing and pounding of the ear drums, a lot of nerve pinches, and insomnia.These 2 psychic’s were trying to extort 5,000 to 15,000 dollar’s from me, they didn’t get anything from me but trouble. I had to start taking sleeping pill’s to sleep. I sleep 5 to 7 hour’s a night, I do not understand how I can be connected to these psychic’s for so long. This went on for a year, the it was gone. I think I might have been the victim of a spinal tap. That is when I saw or they let me see their psychic machine, it is big, I did not know psychic’s can enhance their ability’s with machine’s.
I did some research about remote viewing and psychic’s. There is a lot of information out there. They built a big machine/ psychic ampliphier, I am positive that’s how they are doing this. First they remote viewed my house, then they searched for life force, 2nd they find life force and tap into it to put people on this brain wash/ power trip and extortion. These 2 psychic’s are in a bad place. with their addiction to psychic activity. I have been trying to talk to other well known psychic’s, and Coast to Coast A.M. to tell people about this, it is a psychic x-file.
I know my old science teacher has a list of his student’s and he attack’s them E.S.P. and that machine. He has been doing this for year’s, I am not the first or the last. It is criminal and invasion of one’s most privacy. I am trying to bring more light on these psychic’s and what they are doing. I believe hundred’s of people have been attacked by these2 rogue psychic’s. Thank you for posting my experience, it is weird but true. Thank you for listening

Updated: July 2, 2013 — 8:25 pm

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