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I felt the paralysis start and then a black figure appeared next to me.

Your Name: Karla O

My Story: Throughout my life i have had several interesting experiences that i couldn’t really explain. as a toddler my mom says i’d sit in my room and play and laugh and talk by myself, and when she’d ask who i was talking to i’d say “lelee”. my mom had a sister pass away as a young girl and her name was leslie, obviously at the time i had no idea who she was i was barely learning to speak. after that, i’d say about 3-4 times a year i experienced paralysis that used to scare the crap outta me, sometimes i could see myself lying in bed motionless but couldn’t for some reason get back to my body, but that was it, UNTIL one night, i was laying on my couch watching tv, my grandfather was in the kitchen a few feet away and all of a sudden i began to feel the paralysis start, first the ability to move my body left, i couldn’t speak and i felt terribly scared as always but this time was different as i lay there waiting it out hoping my grandpa would notice, a black figure appeared next to me it was a solid black silhouette i tried to yell but it sounded like a forced breath like if i was yelling underwater as i did that the figure’s head moved and it looked at me. it looked down on me as if it were giving me a nod. then it stopped i was mid yell. just like that my voice came back and my grandpa ran over to me trying to figure out what the hell was going on. that was the scariest moment of my life. i still have the paralysis from time to time. and i’ve had other minor experiences (waking up at 3am CONSTANTLY, feelings of being watched, repetitive dreams of places i’ve never actually been to before) i’m not sure what it all means, i’ve always been open to the paranormal i just wish i knew whether these things meant anything or maybe i’m focusing to much on what COULD BE. thanks for reading and please give me any comments, suggestions or resources that have helped you.

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  1. hello I am 24 years old male from kolkata,India. I wanna share with you people about me. I normally don’t share It with anyone because I think after knowing this people will laugh at me but I am telling you the truth I don’t know how to define it but I am really having some kind of paranormal things from last 4 months. some times I have some visions about any person or any situation its like a dream but I know that I am awake I can’t explain this but this is not just any feeling because i can see things and it always happens in reality what i already saw in my vision. if this is a power then it is beyond my control I have tried many times but I can not create these visions by myself it just happens sometimes if u don’t trust me then you are most welcome to come here and test me by yourself I am hiding this thing from my family and friends because i am afraid of this unknown activity i am really confused about it is it a gift? or a curse?

  2. Hi Karla! 🙂 my name is Trinity and I am 16 years old. I’ve been get paralasys from time to time, and when it happens to me I know it’s happening, but instead of trying to wait it out like you I calm myself down, relax, and flinch really hard and I wake up. The other night when it happened my friend Daysha was laying next to me on the ground and I tried to scream her name, just like how you tried to scream your grandpas name but nothing could come out. i know exactly how you feel. But i’ve never experienced a figure looking over me like that. if I were you I would pray to God. please email me back (

  3. I forgot to ask if youre a Christian?


    I was diagnosed awhile back. No big deal. Kind of fun once you overcome the indescribable fear stage.

    Peace be upon you comrade.

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