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Strange experiences in South Louisiana

From: Samatha

My Story: still progresses. But yet I still don’t know what it is I will look in a mirror and zone out and my eyes will turn completely dark like nothing’s there and I will listen to music and here someone scream Sam this happens over and over again and I decide to stay home while my family goes out and I was in our kitchen and I had nothing in my hand I keep on thinking I see something and say that I’m just paranoid I go into the bathroom the door closes itself up stairs you can hear my tv turn on and get louder and louder I can fell them watching me as I type this and I am fine with. Living in south louisiana where voodoo is the darkness a lot of people belive in this stuff my grandmaw told me that my family can see them I say them cause I am not sure what they are but it skips a generation now back to being home alone so I turn out of our kitchen and jump out of my skin as to what I saw I can’t really remember what they looked like but it scared me my friend says if he try’s he can see them and he said one is latched to my back today I was taking pictures and every picture I would take a red thing would appear then being scared I went up stairs and had an erdge to run so I ran for my bed then the doorbell rang as soon as I layed on my bed I said what the hell went down stairs no one was at the door so I slammed it close and turned around after not even taking a step I hear my sister banging at the door saying WHY DID YOU SLAM THE DOOR IN MY FACE WHAT IN THE WORLD IS WRONG WITH YOU I opened the door seeing my moms friends car in the drive way she haveing a questionable look my older sister made sure she passed through the door I went back up stairs think what the crap happened I know what I saw when i opened the door nothing was there then less then a second later my sister at the door but but how could my grandmaw be right the things I have been seeing feeling hearing are not my imagination am I not crazy then I kneeled on the ground and asked my grandpas up in heaven if they are real I heard a whisper more like a threat it said in a deep voice nothing like my grandpas it was raspy and course it said yes Sam I got scared so much I went straight to sleep the only thing I could dream of was them and I decided I should write this and here it is

Updated: September 29, 2013 — 6:56 pm

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