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A strange experience in Columbus, Ohio

From: Anon

My Story : when i was living in columbus, ohio, i had to have been around maybe 6 or 7, my uncle was living in a very old house at the time, one sunny afternoon, my uncle invited me over to his house for my cousins birthday party, when i arrived to the house, there was a little playground, a few feet away on the side my uncles house, out of nowhere i was drawn to the play ground,and wanted to go over, so without asking anyone i took it upon myself to walk towards the playground, then has i was walking towards it, i saw a little boy, he was around my age, he was standing in the middle of the playground, but the first time when i looked over at the playground, there was no one there at all, and there were no houses near by, so i continued walking towards the playground, then i stopped, has i got closer, i saw that one side of his face looked liked it was maybe burnt, it looked painful, i tried turning around and running bk to the house, but i couldnt move, all i could do was stand there and stare at him, then he starts to walk towards me, then he starts moving faster towards me like he was teleporting, and out of nowhere i started to scream and run and i looked backed and he was gone, and there was nowhere that he couldve hid at,and he was just directly behind me..ive been keeping this story to myself for a long time i am now in my 20s

Updated: October 7, 2013 — 7:07 pm

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