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Pinned down by a presense at a home for the elderley

From: Ann

My Story: A few years ago i was on a sleep in. I work in a home for elderly people. I went to bed as normal and during the night i felt a heavy weight on my chest and shoulders. I was not asleep as I looked around and could see the light underneath the door. I felt as though my arms where pinned down and i could not move. There was an alarm system over the bed and i can remember thinking if i could reach that but could not move my arms. I continued trying to move and eventually my arm flew up in the air as though the weight had been lifted off me. I was then able to move and i sensed the presence or whatever it was had left. This happened on a couple of occasions. So much so that i took some holy water in work and sprinkled the bed with it and hung a pair or rosary beads on the top of the bed. This stopped as suddenly as it had begun.

Updated: October 7, 2013 — 7:11 pm

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