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What was the large black figure standing about 8 ft tall

From: Key

My Story : I had been working long and weird hours so whenwhen my bestie ask me to go clubbing on my first night off II was ready! I got dressed and drive to her house so we could take her car BC I was looking forward to the drinks and she isn’t a drinker at all. So we get to the club and I’m feeling a weird vibe in the night air,I Drank about 3 mixed drinks but I wasn’t feeling them at all. Overall,the night sucked and I just wasn’t having as great a time as I thought for someone who hadn’t been out in awhile so before we left I had a couple more drinks but still wasn’t feeling inebriated in the least. We start the drive back home and on 3 separate occasions a police car got behind us with flashing lights and sirens but not one of them pulled us over. We get back to her house and I get in my car to drive home. I pull around to a side parking lot of my Apartments so I had a shorter walk in my heels…but there is a set of stairs,maybe about 5 steps at the most,I step onto the sidewalk,turn left to walk Yt irs but the moment I turned,out the corner of my eye I see a large black figure standing about 8 ft tall…the hair stood all over my body and I was completely alert…in my mind I said to myself “what the fuck is that” and a voice answered me back so clearly saying “that’s death”…I quickly turn my head to look at it and it disappears. I head on inside Thinking to myself maybe I was a little tipsy though I certainly wasn’t feeling so.

Updated: October 8, 2013 — 8:35 pm

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